1 very resourceful Mum, 2 really lucky kids : Meet the Australian Travel Blogs set on inspiring you in 2019!

‘Brave’ is often the word used to describe single parent holidays. But for Lily from the Australian Travel Blog Max & Ivy, she makes it look like too easy, breezy!

Lily is currently prepping for her big Australia roadtrip with her husband Geoff, but in meantime, her and her super lucky kids are off exploring solo! We particularly love following the Max & Ivy Pinterest page where Lily shares her best tips for traveling with toddlers & little kids, and her comprehensive East Coast Australia road trip guides.

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Come road tripping with us.   We’ll show you how to do it with little kids!

Meet Max & Ivy

Hi! I’m Lily and we are a family of four consisting of yours truly, Geoff, Max (4) and Ivy (3)

Our current version of travel is a little different as I tend to head off solo with the kids in the campervan while Geoff stays in Sydney for work. We are gearing up for a big lap with all of us soon but at the moment this is the way it works for us.

This all came about mainly because I was going stir crazy raising two little kids in suburbia! Enter the tiny house on wheels and I’m having a blast, so mission accomplished. I’m lucky and I’ve got a super understanding hubby who is willing to put up with me absconding on adventures on a regular basis.


How did you get into inspiring people?

I was getting bailed up a lot by parents who would watch me rock up at camp, set up the van and be dealing with two toddlers by myself at the same time, and they’d want to ask a million questions. Mainly how and why and then, oh man, I wish I could do that too! And also, wow, you’re so brave! (I love it when people ask questions btw)

Which led me to the blogging bit… I was super keen to let everyone know that it’s not as hard as people think. And that you don’t have to be brave and that yes, you can head off by yourself.

So, I’m creating a resource of useful usable info for any parent who wants to hit the road with the kids in tow. I want to help other parents feel brave enough to get out there and have an adventure.


We especially love you on Pinterest

You’ll find things like packing lists, audiobook ideas and lists of family friendly podcasts. Also, easy recipes, healthy snacks, useful apps, places to camp, handy gear ideas and a whole bunch of stuff that is geared to make your trip with the kids as easy as tripping with kids can be.


Where is Max & Ivy going next?

I replaced my old car with the campervan and now the van is my daily run around car as well as my escape mobile, but financially that made the most sense and made this whole adventure more possible.

Our next trip is from Sydney down the coast to Melbourne and back over Christmas. I recently did it with the kids and the dog but Geoff missed out so we are all going together this time.

I’m always happy to have my brain picked so if you have any questions fire away! I’m easy to contact on the blog. Have fun out there! Lily


One incredible lady! Do you have a question for her?

Thanks for sharing Max & Ivys’ very exciting childhood with us. If you haven’t already, join the Pinterest page (we even have her great pins shared on our page)! I love the fact that Lily hasn’t allowed work and money to get in the way of creating her kids’ ultimate childhood! What a super great hubby she has!


Do you have a question for Lily? Maybe you want to know her favourite tips on travelling with kids? Or how that conversation went with her hubby? Ask them here. Lily will respond!

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