10 Best Lightweight Hiking Tents for the Entire Family

Do you want to go camping with the family? If you want to enjoy the bright Australian Outback, family tents are indispensable.

You can’t get any ordinary tent, though. The best family tents needs to pack small, have a lot of wiggle room and should be tough for the unpredictable Aussie weather. 

Everything is thinner, sturdier and lighter than ever now.  All you need is to make sure you’re getting the best lightweight hiking tents Australia has to offer.

Because we love you, we’re saving you guys the hassle of looking around.  Here’s a recommendation of the 10 best Lightweight Hiking Tents you can buy.  This is one of the most comprehensive 4-person tent reviews you will find online, so take a look.

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Choosing the Best Lightweight Hiking Tents Australia Needs

Due to the sheer number of tents out there, we focused on a few factors to cut down on a list of more than 100 different products and models.

First, we’re a family of four. We focused on reviewing a 4 man tent that fits our needs. This means anything that fits less than 4 people, are not on this list.

In addition, we wanted to focus on tents that are lightweight, which we agreed should be at 8kg or less total weight. Many lightweight hiking tents Australia needs should be single-person carry for lots of travel and backpacking.

Head height is another quick factor, which we sealed at a minimum of 110 cm. You might not know it, but head height plays an important role in comfort. Any decent tent should have enough standing height to let you move in and out without crawling too often.

We also required midge proof mesh screens for super insect protection. Mosquitoes are disease ridden, annoying and are public enemy #1 in free camping grounds and national parks.


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1. OZtrail Mozzie Dome 4 Tent + Mozzie Dome 4 Fly

OZtrail Mozzie Dome 4 Tent with Fly

It took us a while picking the right tent from OZtrail, but we chose the best combination. This and the Stargazer are some of the best from their 4 man tent offerings. It’s super sturdy, roomy and is low enough on the budget scale to forgive its lower height space. It covers a 190 x 240 cm floor area with a 120 cm vertical.

The Mozzie Dome 4 Tent + Fly can fit 4 average sized adults or around 3 burly men. For a family of 4 with two young kids, this space is more than enough.

What we love about it is its superior ventilation. In sunny days, it provides 360 ventilation. Even with the fly on, it still provides superior ventilation compared to some other tent models.

It’s easy to erect, has an oversized D-Door and weighs 4kg (2.5kg tent + 1.5kg fly) with a No-See-Umm Mesh for superior insect protection. It’s easy to carry, which takes a load off the already premium carry capacity for the car, backpack or if you’re like us, boat in the Whitsundays!

2. Marmot Midpines 4P

Marmot Midpines Hiking Tent

The first thing you’d notice with the Marmot Midpines 4P is the total weight, which goes at 4.1kg. This lightweight tent has a head height of 160 cm, which is decent for this range.

What makes this family tent superior, in our opinion, is its roomy floor space. It goes at 216 x 254 cm or 5.4 sq m, which can properly fit a family of 4 with room to spare.

It has the same No-See-Um mesh for insect protection and a solid 3 season rating! This means it can handle itself in any weather apart from winter with the right amount of guy ropes added for sturdiness.

We’re not thrilled about the price, however. The Midpines 4P goes between US $225 in Marmot’s official page to $699 in Tentworld.

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3. Coleman Sundome Tent 4 Person

Coleman Sundome Dome Tent 4 Person

Our first and only entry from Coleman, the Sundome is one of the best tents you’ll find on this list. For one, it’s among the top quality cheap tents on this list and the only one that is an all-season tent.

The floor space for the Coleman Sundome is 213 x 253 in floor space and has a 149 cm head height. What’s more impressive about this hiking tent, however, is the dark room technology. It lets you sleep in peace even in high glare weather.

Coleman has its own version of the No-See-Um mesh, which is the WeatherTec. It not only repels insects but provides superior ventilation and waterproofing as well.

You would need to be careful with the fiberglass poles, however. Whilst they’re sturdy in weather events, fiberglass can break upon impact. It also seems many complain about the wear and tear on zippers after a whilst.

4. Wanderer Magnitude 4V Dome Tent 4 Person

Wanderer Magnitude 4V Dome Tent

Wanderer’s entry into our best family tent list is something that a lot of people enjoy. The Magnitude 4V is easy to put up and works in inclement weather, with a nice 220 x 240 cm floor space. The 185cm height is also awesome.

What’s outstanding about the Magnitude 4V is its weatherproofing. It can withstand up to 2000mm of rain, which is almost double the highest average rain in Australia. It even has No-See-Um windows and UPF 50+ rating, blocking up to 98+% of the sun’s radiation.

With its very low price, this might be the best family tent in this list. If it’s not, it indeed is on the top 3 lightweight hiking tents here. The only problem we see in this tent is its 8.5 kg carry weight, but we forgive it for the sheer awesome the Wanderer Magnitude is.

5. Explore Planet Earth Speedy 4 Pop Up Tent

Explore Planet Earth Speedy 4 Pop-Up Tent

Explore Planet Earth is known for their quick build technology, and when they say fast, it’s f-a-s-t. We would’ve preferred to have their original non-Pop-Up version here, if not for the fact that it’s out of stock for a while now.

Their lightweight tent weighs at 4.1kg and has a standard 220 x 220 sleeping area. This makes it a legit 4 man tent for a family, or around 3 full grown adult men.

Whilst it’s a true 2 – 3 season hiking tent and has a nice No-See-Um mesh for superior ventilation, we have a few gripes with it.

For one, its head height is 115cm, which only misses our minimum for a bit. To get the best out of the EPE Speedy 4, you would also need extra pegs and guy ropes for additional stability.


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6. OZtrail Skygazer 4XV Dome Tent

OZtrail Skygazer 4XV Dome Tent

OZtrail’s Skygazer 4XV is the most veritable 4 person tent in this list, able to comfortably take care of 4 full-size adults. The Skygazer 4XV has a spacious 240 x 295 cm floor space, with a solid 170cm head height.

We like the large No-See-Um mesh windows on two sides of the tent, all with top quality Sun Tough Fly fabric. The big D-Door is great for adults who want to get there comfortably.

The Skygazer is one of the best lightweight hiking tents Australia would need. It fits the overall weather in Australia. Camping in this tent protects you from harsh weather events, keeping your camping experience magical.

7. Vango Beta 450XL 4 Person Tent  (Also available in 550XL 6 person)

Vango Beta 450XL

The Vango Beta 450XL is the most premium lightweight hiking tent on we’ve seen within this group. We want to call it more of a hub than a tent, even. Why?

The Beta 450XL is a three-pole tent that has an especially big vestibule and a reasonably sized sleeping area. Weighing at 7.9kg, its 250 x 480 total floor space is double the competition’s tent offerings within the same category. Even its sleeping area, which is a decent 250 x 210, is fantastic.

Its mesh inner door and windows provide great ventilation for the inner area, which you can use as a porch or an extended sleeping. It’s fabric is also extra dark to encourage sleep. It even uses a patented system for its fibreglass poles, preventing any need for extra guy ropes or pegs.

Why is the Vango Beta 450XL so good? It’s because it costs $419.

8.  Spinifex Laguna – 6 person tent

Here’s our first entry from Spinifex.  Much like the Coleman, this provides a great entry level tent with a big vestibule for rest or equipment storage and a single bedroom for those who want to sleep outright.

The Spinifex tent is a great lightweight family size tent weighing in at 7.8kg.  It offers two large side doors for maximum air flow and very fine mesh that it suppose to detract even the smallest of flying insects such as midges. 

Laguna offers a full head height tent at 195cm and a floor space of 4m x 2m including the vestibule area.  The extra benefits of this family tent is the price coming in on sale for only $190.    


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9. Roman Escape 4V Dome Tent

Roman Adventure 4V Dome Tent

The Roman line of family tents tend to be similar in general style. They have a vestibule that acts as a storage area, and a sleeping area that can shelter up to 4 people. It uses a combination polyester and mesh to help get in some airflow in the sleeping area.

The Roman Escape 4V has a sleeping area measures at 210 x 240 cm, with a head height of 170cm, providing total comfort. Its silver coated flysheet blocks out heat, whilst its heat-sealed seams provide maximum waterproofing.

Weighing in at 7.5kg, what we like about this is its durability. The Roman Escape 4V uses 25 pegs and 12 guy ropes, which anchors the structure firm.

The Escape costs $145 RRP, and is for sale at $119, making it one of the cheap tents in this list. It may be far from the best tents here, but it’s a great budget hiking tent for the family.

10. OZtrail Genesis 4V Dome Tent

OZtrail Genesis 4V Dome Tent

The OZtrail Genesis 4V is the best of both worlds. It combines the fantastic dimensions of the Escape 4V and the overall comfort of the Stargazer. It sleeps 4 people comfortably, with a big 240 x 220 floor area and a huge 180cm head height.

The Genesis 4V also uses a silver coated fly to keep the inside cool, with UVtex to reflect harmful UV rays. It can stand up to 2000 mm of rain, making it effectively waterproof.

At 5kg, the Genesis boasts large No-See-Um ultra fine mesh for total insect protection whilst providing superior ventilation.

Listed at $160 RRP and goes for as low as $99, the OZtrail Genesis 4V is among the best tents in this list.

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Best Family Tent Runner Ups

Runner Up Lightweight Hiking Tents

We have some runner-ups that could’ve given this list a run for their money. As a lightweight hiking tent, each of the runner ups are incredible, except for maybe one deal-breaker in their construction.

1. MSR Stormking Tent

Top of the line hiking tent, with a super spacious 200 x 310 cm sleeping space and a 160 cm head height and weighs 6kg. At 3000 mm weatherproofing 68D ripstop fabric, the Stormking would have been the perfect 4 season lightweight hiking tent.

Here’s the problem: it has zero insect protection and it costs $3150.

2. BlackWolf Tuff Dome Plus Tent

The BlackWolf Tuff Dome Plus is top quality. It’s one of the best family tent through and through, using a 150D polyester fly and a tough 300D oxford polyester. The 240 x 240 sleeping space is generous, and the 200cm head height is great.

The problem is it’s not lightweight at all, clocking in at 11.5kg and lacks insect protection. It also costs $879 RRP.

3. Big Agnes Flying Diamond 4 Person Camping Tent

The Big Agnes was originally a part of our top 10, and nobody can blame us for liking it. It’s a great 4 man tent with a 249 x 244 cm floor area and 152cm head space. It weighs 6.52kg, with a ripstop fly with a 1500 mm waterproofing.

Why did we take it out of our list? Because its mesh D-door is made for ventilation, not for insect protection. Its plastic clips are a little questionable as well.

So, there you go.  We’ve narrowed down 10 of the best LIGHTWEIGHT TENTS on the market for YOUR FAMILY or a COUPLE who desires extra space.   

2019 is the year of family adventure.  We will be putting some of these tents to the ultimate test starting with camping on the Islands of the Whitsundays, Queensland. 

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Have we helped you choose the best hiking tent?  Which tent do you recommend?

Do you need a family hiking tent? We have a list of the 10 best lightweight hiking tents that fits the family. Look at our list and find the best tents!
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