10 Easy Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Entire Family

Christmas is not just for the kids, it’s for the entire family! We love the season of giving just like any Australian. That’s why we also spend a lot of time thinking about what to give!

Finding good family Christmas gift ideas is hard.  Finding suitable family travel gifts is even harder!  Are you not sure what to buy for the coming holidays? Look no further.

We have a few Christmas gift ideas if you’re looking for a great time for the family. These are easy and most affordable.

We’re sure everyone in the house or caravan can appreciate them.  Let’s take a look.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone in the Family

Here are 10 easy Christmas present ideas you can give to the family. We recommend a lot of them for the shared experience.

Share these with each other or buy Christmas gifts for each member of the family. 

A lot of the ones you will see below are either fun for all ages or practical things your family needs!

1. Monopoly Australia Family Board Game

Monopoly Australia

Monopoly Australia is a great time for everyone. It gets you around the beautiful Aussie countryside on every panel.  If your currently travelling, great you kids will know some of these destination.  If not, its a great way to experience Australian geography.

Get to Alice Springs, Hobart, Esperance, Melbourne and many other great landmarks. Own them, rent hotels in them. They even have those Aussie exclusive tokens for the entire family!

Family gatherings during the holidays are never complete without a little fun chaos. If you want a quick family Christmas gift, this one’s a no-brainer.


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2. Wahu Beach Cricket Set

Wahu Beach Cricket Set

There’s not a lot of Aussies who will tell you they don’t know or don’t play Cricket. It’s Australia’s No.1 participation sport in 2016 and remains on the top of Australian sports.

That’s why we recommend bringing the game to the beach with a beach cricket set. Made of PVC and rubber, the entire set is ready to use for a casual game with your kids.

The neon colours make the entire set easy to use and hard to miss. Play a quick game with your kids and let them enjoy the sport.

It’s an easy Christmas present idea that lets the entire family participate. Sun, sand and beach cricket – what more can you ask for?

3.  Kathmandu Kit Triple Hanging Toiletry Bag

Kathmandu Triple Hanging Toiletry Bag

Let’s go from fun to practical for a bit. A common problem with travelling families like us is properly keeping the toiletries. It’s a headache to track where everything is in the caravan!

The triple hanging toiletry bag from Kathmandu is a godsend. The entire thing is family-sized, which fits everything the family needs on their next trip.

It’s big enough to carry everything from shampoo bottles to medicines and mom’s makeup in one neat pile. You can suspend it nicely with its hanging hook and even has clear removable pouches for easy navigation.

Sure, it’s not as fun as the other family Christmas gifts Amazon has to offer. You still need something practical at the end of the day.

This toiletry bag saves you time and stress from needing to do a spot search for your toothbrush. It isn’t flashy, but it’s awesome nonetheless.

4. Weber Q1000 Portable Gas BBQ Grill

Weber Q1000 Portable Gas BBQ Grill

My family tends to be on the road a lot with our travels, so we tend to eat “outside” a lot. When we mean outside, it’s as literal as you can get.

Under the moon and stars, with the nice Australian air and a small camp on our cooker or grill. It makes us eat together and enjoy our food with nature!

The Weber Q1000 BBQ Grill is an outdoor family’s saviour. It lets us grill prawns, meat and veggies with ease and all we need to do is connect it to a gas cylinder.

The sleek design makes Joe and I look like master chefs. The robust 9.0 MJ/H burner means better, more consistent heat for an easier cooking time.

Carry this with you on your next family outing and enjoy tasty dishes in just a snap. This is one of those whole family gift ideas that just works.

5. 4-pc Packing Cube Set and Travel Luggage Organiser

4 Set Packing Cubes

We’ve been in a lot of travels, and one of the problems that families we encounter on the road have is space. We have it too! Space is a premium, especially in the luggage.

Even if you do the roll method of packing stuff, you’re just not bound to get a lot. This is why we love the Packing Cubes.

Packing Cubes are luggage within a luggage.  They’re a set of 4 organiser packs that let you add and subtract contents in a jiffy.

If you travel a lot, you can pack these ahead of time and just add when needed. Combine clothes in one pack, underwear in another and personal items on the last one.

Lifehack: Do a double space saver by rolling your clothes using our favourite army roll style and save space with the packing cubes. You can fill the entire thing up or need less space for what you decided to carry. Double win!

The Packing Cubes can also reduce creases on clothes and improve the overall sanity during pack time. Everyone needs a little extra sanity during pack time. Trust us.

6. Honeystore Double Layer Electronics Organiser

Honeystore Double Layer Electronics Organiser

You might be noticing a trend in these family Christmas gift ideas with all the organisers we add in. The truth is you can never have too many organisers.

Travelling families like us tend to have a lot of them because we love our stuff. The more we can carry for less space, the better!

That’s also the reason we think you’d love the Honeystore Electronic Organiser. Never lose another charger, data cable, SD card or power bank ever again with this waterproof bag.

It’s got a lot of pockets so you can segregate which cables are for which. Never mix cables again! It can even hold a tablet in it.

Just like how a toolbox works, access your electronics and accessories in just one bag. Honeystore’s Electronics Organiser will keep them in place.

7. Zambezi 400 Inflatable Boat 4 Person

Zambezi 400 Inflatable Boat

Watersports are awesome family activities. It’s hours of fun, fun, fun. That’s why getting the entire family an inflatable boat for 4 is a nice way to spend a lazy afternoon.

The Zambezi 400 is one of those inflatable boats that look like a toy. It’s coloured like a toy too! What you don’t know is a lot of fishing enthusiasts love this boat for some serious angling, so it’s no plastic Fisher Price toy.

It comes with 4 oars and a pump and is made of durable PVC. We’re not too sure about the carrying capacity of this one. We can’t, for the life of us, find the exact numbers. What we know is that the singles variety can hold a 90kg man with a lot of extra space for more.

It’s the best to use it in flat bays, near the beach with weak tides and very soft flowing rivers. If you’re getting this as one of your Christmas presents, make sure to have some life jackets for deepwater use.


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8. OzTrail Anywhere Hammock Double with Timber Rails

OzTrail Anywhere Hammock Double with Timber Rails

The thing about caravanning is we have a lot of afternoon relax time. Travelling around Australia takes a long time, so why not enjoy it right?

Do you like to travel like us? You’ll appreciate OzTrail’s Anywhere Hammock.

It’s tough, durable and stable enough to use. Get two sturdy posts or trees to tie it in and you’re ready to go!

The timber rails reduce the possibility of roll-ups and the poly-cotton blend fabric is soft and airy. What we love about it is the carry capacity.

Often times, the failing of other hammocks is they have low carry capacity. The Anywhere Hammock? Supports up to 200 kg.

That’s two to three full grown adults or an entire family with two kids! That means lot’s of cuddles and naps without the terror of falling off.

Put it between the trees on your backyard. Tie it on the caravan and another post. OzTrail’s Anywhere Hammock is a must-buy if you like napping with the fresh air on your face.

9. Flight Centre Gift Cards

Flight Centre Gift Cards

We love Flight Centre. It’s one of those things every traveller would want to have consistent access to throughout their travels.

Do you have friends and family who travel a lot? Looking to buy Christmas gifts? Give them a Flight Centre gift card.

The Flight Centre Gift Card can be used anywhere in any of Flight Centre’s stores all around Australia. Use it for a car hire. Get one to cut down their costs for that cruise they wanted for a while. Pay for that tour your partner has been beaming about.

A Flight Centre Gift Card is quick, easy and appreciated by travellers such as ourselves. We love it and you should too! You can even use it to find Australia’s best kept secret travel locations!

10. GME AccuSat Emergency Personal Locator Beacon

GME AccuSat Emergency Personal Locator Beacon

Our kids love to explore the great outdoors. We got them to travel for them to see the world with their own eyes. Exploration, however, runs the risk of getting your family lost.

It’s not a situation you would want! We want the family safe but we also want them exploring. The solution? A Personal Locator Beacon.

GME’s AccuSat Emergency Personal Locator Beacon or PLB is a GPS equipped homing beacon. This sturdy, Non-Hazmat device lets you find anyone who has it through GPS.

What you want to do is tuck this inside your day pack.  If you get lost or have an emergency, all you need to do is ping the device.

The PLB is accurate to 100 metres, so you will find whoever you’re looking for sure.

One of the best Christmas gifts Australia has to offer is adventure. Drill in the sense of wonder into them. You can’t deny your kids the pleasure of seeing how wonderful the country is.


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Bonus Christmas Gift Ideas!

Here are some quick bonus family Christmas gifts that you can buy for the entire family. Buy one or some of these to get loads of fun.

Hikenture Inflatable Lounger

Hikenture Inflatable Lounger

We’ve seen us lounging on Fraser Island on these.  They inflate in 15 to 30 seconds and provide quality support. Use it as a lounger bed, camping bed or even a pool floater!

It’s a must-have accessory to make your camping adventure relaxing and fun. It’s like you’re floating on air.

Aeropress Aerobie Coffee Maker in a Box

Aeropress Aerobie Coffee Maker in a Box

Here’s the thing about travel: outside of coffee shops, it’s hard to get a solid brew of coffee. That’s why an Aeropress Aerobie lets you set up a quick coffee press to take care of your caffeine cravings.

The entire set can be put together in a snap, and the entire system can make you the best-pressed coffee you had in your entire life!

Bring it for travels, AirBnB, camping… everywhere! Just a cup of strong, brewed coffee to get your Aussie nerves going. This can be one of your best Christmas present ideas ever.

Caravanning with Kids Van Go Caravan Collections


Caravanning with Kids has a collection that we love: the Van Go collection. They’re a quirky set of bamboo mugs, toilet bags, plates and utensils with gorgeous looking caravan theme.

They look stylised with a retro look, which reminds us of the good ol’ days. Each item looks like it has hand-drawn designs on it, which reminds us of how nostalgic caravanning is.

Choose from a variety of styles, prints and colours that you want. Give them to your kids as your Christmas gift ideas!

Putting Thought Into Your Christmas Gift Ideas

When considering what to buy for Christmas, remind yourself what family is. Family should be filled with love and care for each other. Every gift you give your family are things that will remind them how much you loved them.

Your Christmas present ideas need not be too expensive. What they should be is thoughtful and caring. The holiday season is not just about how much you can give.

The spirit of Christmas is about sharing the good times with the people who matter. Our family travels the world, looking to show our kids how beautiful the world is. We love them and they matter.

Every gift we give each other is there to show our love for each other. Do that too. Show them you love them. More than the material stuff when you buy Christmas gifts, it’s the love in every purchase.

Shower your family with love and affection every day and it will feel like Christmas 24/7.

Need some more ideas? Check out our other list of Christmas gifts your kids would absolutely love!



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