12+ Thoughtful Gifts Your Kids Would Actually Love

Presents for kids can be difficult. You’d think that just giving them what they want is enough, but we want to make sure our children are guided properly as well. We believe gifts are supposed to be thoughtful but enjoyable at the same time. 

Statistics show that Aussies planned to spend over $955 for each person in gifts! That’s almost a thousand dollars worth of gifts! That much money ought to be planned out, don’t you think?

With that in mind, we have 29 of the best gifts that a travelling family like us would enjoy for Christmas. If you travel a lot, on the move or just plain want some holiday gift tips, this is the list for you.  You’ll find that most of them are also under $100!

Check below and see if there’s anything you want from Santa’s rucksack.

Thoughtful Christmas Presents for Kids

1. UOKOO Walkie Talkies for Kids

UOKOO Kids Walkie Talkies

Walkie talkies are a fun gift to kids, especially for growing children. They are even a solid travel hack that we have recommended in the past.

Kids love to explore by themselves. We don’t know it sometimes but adults like us should give them some freedom. Having a walkie talkie lets your kid explore a bit more independently.

Not travelling with kids? Let them explore around your home and your backyard. Let them report back to you everything that they find. They can even use it for forts and camps!

Walkie talkies are not just survival equipment. They’re a fun way to talk to your kids whilst still keeping tabs on their activities. Give them the extra freedom without leaving them alone. Let them explore!

2. Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD eWriter Black Writing Tablet  

First on our list of Christmas gifts for kids is the Boogie Board. Totally not for water sports! It looks simple, and it is simple.

The Boogie Board is a smart electronic notepad that you and your kids can scribble, draw, and erase!  As a travelling family, our primary concern is space. We don’t have enough to add markers, whiteboards and many doodle materials in the caravan. Now, you don’t have to.

This easy to use 8.5-inch screen feels like paper and packs a stylus with it. For the kids, we like to use it with them during their homeschooling lessons.

What’s neat about the Boogie Board is it lets you scan lists and artwork, then you can share that with your family and friends!  We love it.

If you need more techie Christmas gifts, we also have a list for all of them.

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3. Cozy Phones Sleep Headphones

Cozy Phones Sleep Headphones for Kids

Travelling around Australia has a lot of naptimes and quiet time in between. If your kids love listening to something whilst they’re napping, CozyPhones are what you need.

The CozyPhone is a comfy headband with built-in headphones. It straps around your head in comfort, letting you rest whilst listening to your favourite music, podcasts and distance education lessons.

The kids would love these on those long trips! It comes in a silky black or purple for the adults (yes we own them too!) and animal prints for your younger tykes. Older kids can also get the Camo print if they’re not into bunnies and unicorns.

When you travel with kids, these are must-haves for their homeschooling or just to entertain them whilst my husband and I are busy in the caravan.

4. Gamewright Family Card Games

Gamewright card and board games for family

If there are family Christmas gifts that you can all enjoy, it’s games. We particularly like card games and board games that are both educational and fun. Gamewright’s family game bundles are recommended for hours of family bonding!

Why pick these games? As a travelling family, we need to make sure that what we carry is compact but still educational. They need to pack a lot of game time for those long hours on the road too.

Gamewright provides colourful flash card style games that help the kids with their maths and critical thinking skills. The designs are cute and they don’t cost a lot. It’s fun for us adults too!

We personally got the Sushi Go Party! Card Game, Forbidden Desert and Sleeping Queens. We just can’t get enough of them.

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5. Gerber Camping and Hiking Gear

Gerber Bear Grylls Camping and Hiking Gear

Survival gear can be one of the best camping gifts you can give to anyone, especially the kids. Our family travels a lot, and Australia has a ton of nature to explore. Personal survival gear is essential and also fun.

We teach our kids to use Swiss Army Knives smartly, which can help them in any survival situation they find themselves in. Use the knife to make tinder or screwdriver for quick repairs.

We pair that up with a Paracord Bracelet to match. The bracelet has 3.5 metres of military grade paracord to help get out of a difficult situation. It even has a liquid compass that can help anyone get their bearings.

Buy one for your significant other, your kids and yourself. You’d never know when you’ll be in a survival situation. If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for travellers like us, helping them survive can be a thoughtful surprise.

6. Gyvazla LED Headlamp USB Rechargeable Head Torch

Gyvazla LED Headlamp USB Rechargeable Head Torch

My husband and I love giving our kids survival and emergency equipment. Sure, some kids may not appreciate it as much as a video game, but travel with kids makes this a must. Enter LED headlamps.

LED Headlamps are perfect for campers, hikers and travellers who tend to be outdoors at night. It carries multi-mode lighting for different purposes and can be recharged with a USB connection.

They’re lightweight, easy to use and can provide up to 30 hours of consistent light from a single charge. Give them to your kids on your spelunking trips, during their camp with their Scouts Den or any evening activities.

LED headlamps are an easy pick-me-up for Christmas gifts. Whether you like the outdoors or not, it’s a must-buy for safety. Give it to kids or adults alike.

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Travel Journals for Kids

One of the most underappreciated Christmas gifts for kids are travel journals. We tend to take a lot of photos as adults, but we should remember that our children also have their thoughts and ideas.

Journals are helpful for kids, and we agree. Writing personal feelings, emotions and experiences give them an emotional outlet. It helps ease pent up thoughts, especially for kids like ours who spend half the day on the road.

7a. Caravanning with Kids Travel Journal

Caravanning with Kids Travel Journal is an inexpensive gift perfect for your kids’ journaling needs.

This travel journal packs 92 journal pages where your kids can write their ideas. It has a plastic-coated checklist that can be reused as needed. It even has an activity page that they can use for writing practice, numbers and doodles!

7b. “My Travel Journal” by Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet My Travel Journal

Another gorgeous looking journal we recommend comes from Lonely Planet. Its pages are designed for travelling kids, helping them write better.

The part that we love about Lonely Planet’s travel journal is the graphics. They try to assist children in putting down their thoughts, making it easier to write. They’re simple, interactive and easy to use.

Journals can be a hard-sell to kids. It doesn’t have to.

Give it to your travelling children and tell them to just write their ideas. Trust us, they have a lot of them!

Educational Christmas Gifts for Your Kids

8. Big Life Journals

Big Life Journals for Kids and Teens

A kid’s life is more complicated than we adults think it is. Helping them grow into fine young men and women is our responsibility as parents, and we need a little help.

Big Life Journals are illustrated guided journals that help children develop a healthy mindset growing up. It teaches them life skills that some of us may overlook.

They learn how to set goals. They learn how kindness and gratitude goes a long way. It teaches them how to grow properly as an individual and develop an open-minded approach to life.

You would still need to guide your kids all throughout. This journal just gives your family the tools to help the children’s journey go in the right direction.

We love Big Life Journals as they are designed also with homeschooling children in mind. Proper value formation in our kids is something we care for a lot. This helps our kids reflect on themselves better, whilst we as adults understand them better by proper discourse.

Big Life Journals are highly recommended for the travelling family, and this is a great educational gift you can give to them over the holidays.

9a. Kaleidoscope World Australia Scratch Off Map

Kaleidoscope World Australia Scratch Off Map

Travel requires motivation and there’s nothing more motivating for kids than seeing their destination. We can help you with that using this recommendation.

Kaleidoscope World has these colourful Scratch Off Maps that lets you scratch off the landmarks you visit. Once you do, it reveals a beautiful colour design that identifies the landmark.

These maps are durable and look awesome as decoration. Put it up on one of the caravan walls and show your children where you guys should go.

These maps come in detailed versions of Australia. Set your sites on the Outback, the Gibson Desert in West Australia and Queensland’s Cape York.

9b. RabbitGoo Scratch Off World Map

After you finish Australia, conquer the world as well! Rabbitgoo has the scratch off map of the World! See New Zealand’s North Island, sandboard on the dunes of Peru, visit Machu Picchu and see the beautiful architecture in France.

Take a look at all the maps from every part of the world and plan your next trip! Travel can deepen the bond between you and your family. Expand your children’s horizons with each trip.

Scratch Off Maps are a nice way to motivate your kids to see the world with you. The more you travel, the more you get to scratch off. That’s a gift a travelling family needs to get.

10. Portable Pocket Mini Microscope 20X 40X Magnification

Portable Pocket Mini Microscope 20x 40x Magnification

We all love science.  It teaches children curiosity and critical thinking, which are important personal values you would want in Aussie children. This is why we recommend getting them a portable microscope!

A portable microscope is an awesome Christmas present for kids! Give it to them and let them roam outdoors.

Pick up dirt samples to see what’s underneath it. See the individual fibres of the clothes they’re wearing. Find insects and see how they look like close up.

This portable microscope we recommend has a 20x and 40x magnification, close enough to see every even the weaves on a fiber!

Portable microscopes are easy to use and hours of curious enjoyment. Encourage the scientist in them with this item.

11.  The Story of the World Audio Narration Combo Pack

The Story of the World Audio Narration Pack

When thinking about your child’s development, you would want to help them understand how the world around them works.

The Story of the World is an audio narration of the World’s History, with the fantastic narration of Jim Weiss as your tour guide. It’s one of those Christmas gifts for kids that is not only entertaining but educational too!

Hear about ancient times and how the world started. Listen to the Middle Ages and how civilisations have interacted over the centuries. Understand how the Early Modern Age shaped how we live today. Immerse your ears in how the Modern Times came to be.

If you are homeschooling your kids, this is a nice, entertaining take on what is typically a slog to read. It won’t take your family volumes upon volumes of text.

Just sit down, pop your Cozy Phones and listen to the soothing narration of how the world came to be.

Add this to your must-buys for your kids this holiday season!

Books to Give Your Kids This Holiday Season

To cap off the list of awesome Christmas presents for kids, we’re recommending books! It sounds typical, but books are still great learning tools for your children.

The love for books is something we need to teach young! We have a number of recommendations that will never get boring for your tykes.

12a. National Geographic Kids Infopedia

National Geographic Kids Infopedia

For starters, National Geographic has a fun Kids Infopedia. It’s one of the best-selling almanacs for kids that contains a lot of new knowledge for the young and young-at-heart.

A lot of the info in the book is in bite-sized pieces, so it’s easy to consume. It’s colourful, it’s smart and it’s just filled with a lot of fun facts. What makes it better is that it helps them read.

The NatGeo Infopedia helps them see how they can be more responsible for themselves, others and the environment. It’s funny, exploratory and very educational.

12b. Lonely Planet’s ‘The Travel Book’

Lonely Planet The Travel Book

Another book that we recommend is Lonely Planet’s “The Travel Book”. The book is a world tour through 200 countries around the world. It’s loaded with thousands of wildlife facts, fun culture trivia and delicious foods from all over the world.

See the weird, the quirky and the colourful wonders of the world through this gorgeous book of facts. Introduce the world when you travel with kids and fuel their thirst for adventure.

Once you get to your destination, show them the book. Let them compare it with real life. Help them understand how the world works with “The Travel Book”.

12c. Australia Illustrated 2nd Edition by Tania McCartney

Australia Illustrated by Tanya McCartney

As a caravanning family in Australia, we love Australia Illustrated. It’s a smart and gorgeous picture book that explores Oz and its flora and fauna. The illustrations are gorgeous and stylised for kids to like.

The images are nicely detailed and entertaining. Every page takes you to a certain point in Australia, giving you a slice of everything our country has to offer to the world.

Australia is big, beautiful and diverse, and Australia: Illustrated’s author Tania McCarthy compressed the wonderful land of Oz into 96 pages of enjoyable illustrations.

This book is another must-have on the kids’ Christmas stockings in the caravan.  We have the 1st edition, but this year my kids will be getting this 2nd edition.  Shh!

12d. Usborne Series Flap Books

Usborne Flap Books

Usborne Flap Books is a series of must-have educational books. We can’t recommend this series enough as Christmas presents for kids. There’s a reason why.

Usborne’s collection of flap books are not only colourful but highly educational as well. What we love are the topics!

They have stories from General Knowledge to Illustrated Norse Myths. Learn computers with Look Inside How Computers Work. Help your kids understand their growing bodies with What’s Happening to Me?.

Pick any one of the Usborne Flap Books and you can’t do anything wrong. They’re all equally awesome. We personally have read and recommend nearly all of them.

Show Your Kids You’re Thinking of Them with Christmas Gifts

Your kids are your treasure, and the Christmas season is the right time to share gifts with them. Show them that you think of them. Show them that you care.

Find the one that’s right for your kids. Let them enjoy their childhood with the joy of travel, adventure and learning.

Help them see the world. Let them ask questions without getting bored. Show your kids that the world is beautiful.

Our gift recommendations are there to help, so take a look.

We also have gift recommendations for the entire family, so give it a look as well.

Christmas is upon us! Here are 12+ Thoughtful Christmas gifts we think your kids can enjoy. Each item shows how much you love them. Take a look inside.

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