23 Benefits of Home Schooling Your Kids

Thinking of homeschooling your child?  Taking control of your children’s education is possible and extremely beneficial.

Home schooling in Australia is on the rise for a few years now. Parents like you and me may be unhappy with how standard education works these days. It’s also possible you want more time with your kids, and home learning is your decision.

Can you believe this is our third year we get to homeschool our kids?  From the three years from our son going backward in school to now thriving on his educational path! 

Now, not all of it has been rainbows and unicorns. However, for the majority, we have all loved the opportunities, learning and, most important of all, freedom!

Still on the fence? Here are the 23 benefits of homeschooling we found out for our children.

Rob progresses his English by being a key blogger for this website! Thats homeschooling that works for our family.

Why We Love Home Schooling

When I started our journey in home education, I wish I had someone that shook me out of my self-doubt.

They should’ve looked me in the eyes and said: “It will be ok and no, you won’t ruin your child.” However, like many of us, we are filled with doubt, and to top it off our families can be far from supportive.

Even then, we’d like to believe we’re one of many parents disillusioned with how things are working out with our children. There’s also the pursuit for better bonds with our children. Moreover, it’s a real thing too!

When you see families balancing work life with teaching children at home, you question why you are locking up your kids in school.

That’s especially true with these benefits.

1. Homeschooling Gives Unlimited Learning.

The thing about Australian home schooling is that we get to teach them whatever subject our kids are interested in. We as parents need to foster our kids learning different things that schools can’t teach in class. Why?

Children have various kinds of intelligence. As Einstein quoted once:

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

We don’t have many gripes with the value of education. Kids don’t need a genius math brain for math concepts. No, no! We do, however, want to encourage our kids to learn more outside the scope of standard education.

We have an annual plan, but we get to teach more to our kids. We even have apps and modules that can help our kids’ online schooling for free!


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2.  They Master The Love Of Learning On Their Own.

Teaching your kids how to love learning is hard. It needs to be taught very early in their childhood! In some cases though, children lose their interest.

The thing about Australian homeschooling is that facilitated learning happens through interactive activities. It’s going to be boring if they’re reading textbooks all day, so lessons are made interesting.

Interesting lessons that reduce boredom can help children rediscover how fun it is to learn. They even do this at their own time!

There’s no pressure, so it means they can learn and re-learn the topics until they think they’re ready.

3.  We Parents Learn Too! 

Parents like us are sometimes too busy that we forget our fundamentals. When we were children, we didn’t have the same online learning resources that our kids have. By homeschooling our children, we learn too!

 If there is something that we do not know, we all research together.

Have you heard of the Albert Einstein quote “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” We’re only living here, and we’ll keep on living.

Learning is three times more fun if we do it all together! It even encourages children to learn more because their parents are trying too.

4. Fuller Socialisation and Interaction with Kids and Adults

The typical scare that parents have about the prospect of homeschooling in Australia is socialisation. They’re afraid that the kids get stuck at home, becoming shut-ins. We had that concern too.

Contrary to popular belief, home schooling done right can lead to more socialisation. Not only to their age group as well! They can converse and interact with an extensive range of kids and adults.

Because they’re home schooling and travelling with us, they meet different types of people from various walks of life.

They got to talk to traditional Aboriginal owners during our trip to Arnhem Land. They got to join Lone Scout groups from other parts of Australia. They talk to people on the road when we help them.

There’s a broader social aspect to Australian homeschooling than meets the eye.


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5.  No Schedules, No External Agenda, More Accountability

This one is more a benefit for us parents than the children. As parents, we need to be proactive in making study time for the kids as a natural activity, rather than making them feel that it’s a scheduled educational activity.

This means every subject they learn is up to you. This is the type of learning that gives us more accountability in the direction that our children’s home education goes. Whether you want to start them with language learning or maths, we take control.

We know our children better than anyone, so the type of homeschooling that we give to them has no hidden agenda. We’re not there for profit – only their development.

6.  Hands-On, Interactive Learning And Loads Of Play

Homeschooling today involves a lot of interactivity and learning mixed with play. Its design is to prevent the students from getting bored after all. Armed with the world’s biggest repository of knowledge called the Internet, we get to provide better learning tools that’s a lot of fun!

For example, there are sites that mix coding with educational games that teach kids logic and programming. There are also learning games that sneakily make sure your kid understands math concepts. There’s even online homeschooling that uses the building game Minecraft for art and creativity!

We love books and textbooks, but the scope of textbooks tend to be limited and inadequate for today’s proactive children. More interactivity means more motivation to learn!


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7.  More Quality Time with the Family

As our little tykes age, they learn to drift away a bit to socialise. It’s a sad truth that we must accept. That’s why homeschooling with parents ensures that we get to have a lot of quality time with them!

One of the best benefits of homeschooling is that it removes all the obstacles that kids have to pass through to get to school.

That means no early morning bus and driving to school. There’s no need for peer pressure. They’re not trapped within the four walls of the classroom.

All that wasted time channels to a better quality time spent with family and friends. This tends to be a shared experience with serious homeschooling parents around the world.

8.  Learning Is In-Depth! We Only Move On Once We Get Results

One of the hard to address issues in traditional schooling is how children get left behind. Whether we like it or not, each child has their own pace that needs to be followed. Even the leading experts in child development thinks so.

In class, students who don’t learn as quick are up for either remedial or a failing grade. It’s how traditional schooling’s design works.

If you’re homeschooling your children, the lessons can be designed to make sure that your kids understand the full concept before moving on. Learning is not for the sake of having grades or standardised testing. The lessons are there for them to learn.

9.  One On One Learning All The Way

We guess this is an extension of number 8, but the kids get the benefit of one on one learning through home schooling with us.

Disclaimer time! Here’s the thing: we salute teachers. We know a majority of the teachers are doing their best to manage the work that the school gives them.

Even so, classroom settings tend to dilute learning. There’s too many people for the teacher to pay attention to each of their student’s growth.

With one on one attention, our little ones get the proper focus that class instruction should do in the first place. Yes, they’ll be our “little ones” forever, even after they grow.

10.  The Eldest Child Becomes Inspiration To The Younger Ones

This is specific to families with more than one child. Homeschooling in Australia and around the world lets us teach our kids all at the same time. There’s no age separation like how classrooms do it. That’s a good thing.

Why? It’s because we can set up our eldest children for accountability and responsibility. Younger siblings tend to look at their older siblings as sources of inspiration. Depending on how we explain it to the older ones, we can make them responsible for their siblings.

This is a way of showing the older brothers and sisters that we trust them. By entrusting them with some aspects of their younger brothers and sisters, they learn how to be accountable early in their lives.

11.  Home Schooling Communities Are So Supportive – Even While Travelling!

There’s a common misconception that homeschooling families are isolated from each other. Much like any misconception, it can’t be any further from the truth.

Homeschooling in Australia is one of the biggest in any modern country, with estimates at 30,000 families. We’ve even heard news reports of over 60,000 children being homeschooled!  Either way, homeschooling is growing in numbers as the years pass.

The home schooling community tends to stick together for each other. The public can  believe that home schooling is deviant behaviour, so families tend to foster support groups. There’s no territorialism either!

Homeschooling in QLD gets accepted by the communities homeschooling in NSW and so forth. We’re one big family of people who only want the best for our children.


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12. Lots Of Freedom! We Can Learn Any Time During Travels

We tend to travel a lot. We get to the far parts of the world and even the most remote parts of Australia. They’re beautiful places and the family experiences we got there are priceless.

Whilst traversing the world, one of the benefits of homeschooling is getting to study anywhere, any time. Most modules that we have are flexible.

You can teach them standing up, sitting down, in a 4WD or on the plane. We even have moments of teaching multiplication during a hike!

13.  We Can Learn Every Moment Of Every Day, Not Just 9-3 Or Only Week Days

We mentioned that homeschooling lets us learn at any time, and that’s true. A concrete schedule does not pin us down. Rather than a set amount of time that we need to follow, our kids learn every moment!

The standard school time is 9 to 3. This is inaccurate, as kids need to be awake by as early as 7 and go home as late as 5, depending on the locale.

Those extra 4 hours on each end can be spent either for extra sleep or play. If the kids are unmotivated to study in the afternoon, we can do so in the evening. We can make study time in blocks of time, spread it over the day and even learn on a Saturday, Sundays and School Holidays!

14.  More Opportunities to Travel. No Crowds!

Homeschooling opens up the family calendar to travel. If your kids are in traditional education, your most probable travel time are:

  • School holidays
  • the weekends
  • public holidays

If you want to go to travel with kids to South America, most school holidays are not enough to let you savour every moment. In the same vein, you’re also adding yourself to a gigantic crowd if you’re travelling on holidays.

When homeschooling, you can go anywhere even on weekdays! Your study time is fluid, so your kids can study the curricula whilst you see the world with them. No crowds too.

15.  Special Needs Kids Can Thrive In Their Own Ways

The original benefits of homeschooling were to help special needs kids to follow the current school curriculum whilst at the comfort of their home. This is to help facilitate their medication schedule or maybe foster home care.

Homeschooling is Australia has come far past that. The interactivity of current learning standards helps maximise the ability of our special needs children. Whether it’s a physical condition or an autism spectrum, we can find the right curriculum that can help cultivate knowledge in them.

16.  Other Parents Are More Open To Share Their Skills

We’re not sure if this tends to be part of the spirit of Australia or it’s ever-present elsewhere. When people learn kids are homeschooling, they tend to impart their wisdom to the children.

We think that’s wonderful!

For example, a ranger heard we were home schooling recently and invited us to tour inside the walls of a dam – so that he could teach our kids about structural engineering!

Why does this happen? That’s because we fostered curiosity in our children.

Are we saying classroom-schooled children are not curious? Of course not!

We do, however, encourage our kids to be extra inquisitive. We like them asking questions about things they’re not sure. If we think other parents are teaching our kids special skills out of our scope, they’re more than welcome.

17.  No Lunches To Pack, School Bags To Forget Or Uniforms To Iron.

Here’s another of the benefits of homeschooling for us parents: no school responsibilities!

We don’t need to pack them cold lunch bags. No need to iron out uniforms the night before. We don’t even need to go to parent-teacher meetings!

This saves much time that we can channel to making home cooked meals for the kids or some extra play on the side.

Let’s be real: who’s the parent who enjoys ironing clothes? Nobody.

18.  We Don’t Have Homework Because It’s All ‘Home Work’

Kids dread homework. In Sydney, a school survey showed up to 70% of parents think homework is only somewhat beneficial. People tend to question the value of homework as another burden in the minds of children.

Distance education and home schooling have no such problem. That’s because everything that we study are at home!

Activities happen at the kids’ leisure. If they have questions, they can ask us any time. Most of the work don’t have time pressure as well.

We don’t have to swamp our kids with homework to prep them for standardised testing. The aim is to learn and love learning, not make them think education is a burden.


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19.  Follow The Child’s Passion and Be There All the Way

Kids latch on to subjects that interest them. Sometimes, if it’s entertaining enough, there are subjects that they want to drill again and again.

As a homeschooling family, we tend to encourage our kids to follow through. We’re there all the way!  

We’ll help them research. We’ll teach them tips and tricks on to learning the subject better. We’ll even, much to our chagrin, watch that Periodic Table song again and again because you kids like it. Sigh

20.  They Learn Independence And Ownership

The lessons of homeschooling do not stop at what the curriculum dictates. Our favourite message that we tend to teach our kids is independence and ownership. These ideals are important for us as a travelling family.

Independence makes our kid ready to take care of themselves at a minute’s notice. By teaching them the value of independence, we help them learn to lead. We help them to have a sense of pride and accomplishment in whatever they do.

In the matter of ownership, this combines both accountability and responsibility. By having those two things, they learn for themselves that owning something means taking them under your wing. You protect what you own and cherish it.

21.  You Get To Nap In The Day If You Want

Naptime is an integral part of growth for children.

It is proven by science that nap gives children better physical and mental growth. It can improve memory. Naps can facilitate physical development and reduction in the chances of obesity. It also improves their mood.

Sleepy children tend to be cranky, irritable and unwilling to learn. By giving them enough sleep and plenty of naps, you provide efficient opportunities for learning when they’re awake.

Parents like us also get to have our “me” time when the kids are asleep. That precious “me” time is a vital step into treating yourself well. It helps with self-esteem and removes the “tiresome” feeling that raising kids gives to us sometimes.

22.  You Can Stay In Your PJ’s All Day If You Want

Who isn’t comfortable in their nightwear? There’s no uniform required, so we can stay in onesies and relax all day whilst learning! No further explanations needed.

23.  We Don’t Get Every Sickness Going Around And Bullying Is Never An Issue

We want to treat this as a last but not the least entry, because this idea is near and dear to our hearts. Bullying is never ok, and we would never wish it to anyone’s child. Homeschooling is the proactive to prevent any chance of bullying.

Even so, we’re teaching our kids about the importance of preventing themselves and others from getting bullied. It’s never a good thing.

Homeschool also prevents our kids from getting communicable diseases that are constant in circulation.

The Future of Homeschooling

With all the flexibility that homeschooling in Australia gives to families like us, we want to believe it’s the future of Australia. If children are reaping all the benefits and standard education keep deteriorating, maybe it’s going to be.

Homeschool brings the concept of family back together. It gives the kids more options to learn. We get to be with the kids some more and guide them. Can you tell we absolutely love home schooling

 This year we plan on taking on worldschooling – travelling and educating your kids around the world!  The Spanish lessons have already started and this morning we started ‘Hike’ training for Machu Picchu & surrounds!!

Home School:  Explore all the benefits of homeschooling in Australia so your ready for 2019

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