Are you using these 23 FREE Travel Apps for caravan and camping in Australia?

The best travel apps in Australia work by helping you ease the pains of travel. With the right combination of camping apps; you can get fast information, helpful advice, up to the minute tips and great deals on locations to visit. Exactly what we all want to roadtrip Australia!

These are the 23 must-have and FREE Travel apps for travel in Australia. Are you ready to save time and money? Well, let’s get going then.


Accomodation FREE Apps

1. CamperMate Aussie and NZ Information App


A handy map-based app that shows you all the free and low-cost camps, and also the paid caravan parks in both Australia and New Zealand!  Not only that, this app maps and gives recent peer reviews of where hot showers are, free Wi-F spots, supermarket locations and handy points of interest for travellers.  We love this app as it links directly to our TripAdvisor!  (Follow our TripAdvisor profile if you want to know where we recommend – and don’t!)

2. AirCamp Campsite Finder

AirCamp Australia

AirCamp is one of the solid camping apps Australia travellers need to use if you’re looking for the best camping spots around the country. Find thousands of reviews on every campsite to learn which camping spot will give you a safe and sound sleep in the best location. Find solid destinations, areas where you can use your camping checklist items, find the best-featured locales and with over 8,000 camping and caravanning parks at the touch of your fingers, who wouldn’t love it? Customise all searches and grow within a community who loves travelling as much as you do. It’s one of the best travel planning apps, and we know you’ll love it.

3. Airbnb Holiday Rentals

Free Camping Australia

When you’re travelling around Australia, campsites are not the only options you may want. AirBNB offers a home away from home experience which is why AirBNB is one of the best travel apps for Australia and around the World. As travellers, we just love this app when we’re in the city and in residential locales. If you’re new to AirBNB, you may qualify for a $55 AUD voucher using this affiliate link.


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4. app

Just like AirBNB, if you are travelling Australia and needing an alternative to caravan or camping, is a fabulous alternative. Listing everything from cabins in caravan parks to top hotels in the CBD, this is one powerful accommodation app. Just like AirBNB, if this is your first time using, use this affiliate link to qualify for 10% cash back!


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Road Service Finder FREE Apps

5. Fuel Maps Petrol App

Fuel Maps

Save yourself loads of money each and every time you re-fuel the car.  This app shows you where fuel stations are located, what fuels are available and how much per litre (recorded by fellow travellers).  Another handy App by the WikiCamps group that lets you create a trip log and track your fuel economy.

6. GasBuddy Car Companion


If you’re on a great Australian roadtrip or preparing for a weekend BBQ, it’s almost certain you’ll need gas.  This handy app will show you all your local locations of where you can refill or swap your gas bottle for a fresh one.  This is peer reviewed, so you may also find prices so you can find the cheapest outlet first!

7. Wi-Fi Finder Free WiFi Map

Wi-Fi Finder Free WiFi Map

Sometimes, the best caravanning apps are not the ones who disconnect you from everything – but actually keep you connected with loved ones instead. The Wi-Fi Finder finds you solid wireless connectivity wherever you go. What makes this different from the other wireless scanners is they only look for public hotspots. No private Wi-Fi disappointments, no outdated hotspots. What you get from this free travel app is powerful information that lets you stay connected.

Things To See and Things To Do FREE Apps

8. Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups

Love it or hate it, Facebook is still one of the best community apps for traveller questions. If you’re looking for a community of travellers or you have recommendations yourself, join Facebook groups for FREE. Our All 4 Family Travel group is a great option (of course!). Learn more about your next holiday destination, find healthy meals you can pack on the go and get some tips straight from real people.

9. TripAdvisor Travel Advice and Trip Planning


TripAdvisor is beyond being a simple hotel booking app. Power users of the app know how you can get solid advice from it. One of the best free travel apps in Australia, it packs everything from restaurants, flights, things to do and a massive traveller forum (we review places often here!). We are on TripAdvisor, and we love providing advice for the best destinations we know around Australia. It’s among the best travel planning apps, and its big community is there for everyone to use.

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Must Have FREE Travel Apps With Kids

10. National Public Toilet Map For All Your Potty Needs

National Public Toilet Map

Got to go?  This app will tell you where!  A handy resource for travellers, and a lifesaver if your travelling with kids.  This app tells you exactly how far away a toilet is, and even better what time it closes! The Australian National Government handles this app, so you’re sure of the accuracy of every information in this list. You can even know accessibility options for the disabled, the size of the toilet and much more. It’s among the must have apps in Australia travelling or not!

11. Playground Finder (iOS Only)

Playground Finder

Travelling for hours and the kids are getting restless after long hours of using free homeschooling apps? Or maybe you just need a lunch or rest stop, than this free app will be one of your favourites.   It uses your GPS location to identify playgrounds nearby, along with peer-reviewed information on facilities, such as if it has a shaded area.  The most important feature of this app, must be when it tells you how close the nearest coffee shop is to the playground! It’s one of the best free travel apps specific for iPhone.

12. BeachSafe by Surf Life Saving Australia


Want to head to the beach, but, one – don’t know which is your closest and best or two – what are the current conditions?  Well download this app and all that handy information will be close at hand.  This great app tells you which beaches are patrolled and what hours a lifeguard will be on duty! If you like roadtrips near the beach or along the coast, this is one of the safest Australian apps for caravanners.


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FREE Entertainment Apps If You Get Bored

13. BorrowBox


Tackle the boredom of those long road trips with this clever app.  Using your library card from back home you can digitally ‘borrow’ e-books and Audio guides to listen to in the car.  Set up camp, kick back and read a good book online within this clever and free app.  

14. Spotify


Music streaming is always a great pastime when you’re travelling around. Spotify has almost every music that we know and love. From classical jazz to rock, get your healthy dose of good music with this awesome free travel companion app.

15. Geocaching


Treasure hunting is fun! It’s especially awesome if you are using one of the biggest community apps out there! Geocaching is a global treasure hunting game that lets you find geocaches – basically treasure boxes, and play with everyone else. This app of hide, seek and learn, is not just for kids either. Adults love it and use this free app too!

FREE First Aid Travel Apps for Your Safety

16. Emergency+ (Triple Zero)

Emergency Triple Zero

This free must-have emergency travel app can literary save a life by calling help with you!  Produced by our National Triple Zero Group, this app identifies your current GPS coordinates so you can call with accuracy to Triple Zero, SES or Police.  

17. First Aid by St Johns Ambulance

St Johns First Aid App

In emergency situations, you need to do the right first aid techniques to be effective. This awesome medical emergency app by St Johns Ambulance sets out step by step what to do in each emergency and first aid situation.  It is easy to use and even has images.  It covers everything from sprains & strains, burns to chest pains, so you can get the best out of it.  Be sure to set your emergency number so you can call for help at any time.   

18. Australian Bites and Stings

Australian Bites and Stings

Detailed and quick information including helpful identification guides of Australian snakes and spiders.  This camping app has detailed first aid information and has a function to call Triple Zero too.


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FREE Photo and Trip Tracking Apps So You Don’t Forget

19. Memory-Map

Memory Map

Want to mark out your epic trip to show family and friends your adventures, well this solid camping app may be for you.  Its uses offline HEMA maps with your devices GPS to map your route on your Australian road trip. It’s simple and a great way to enjoy your camping trip with the entire family – all for free!

20. FindPenguins

Find Penguin

Funny name, great utility app for campers and travellers. This free essential app uses your phone to geo-locate and track your photos.  No more scratching the head to try remember where you shot that epic photo.

21. Track My Tour

Track My Trip

Take away the worry for your family and friends with this handy camping utilities app for iOS.  Track My Tour lets your friends and family do just that – Track Your Tour.  Add photos, comments into your location and let them not only share in your experience but where you are. 

Travel Budget Apps So You Don’t Run Out of Cash

22. Travel Budget by Travel Spend

Travel Budget by TravelSpend

Can I afford some stand-up paddle boarding?  Should I go back to the best restaurant in town?   This free app will allow you to keep an eye on your travel finances, and also let you make informed decisions on what’s next on your holiday.

23. Smart Receipts

Smart Receipts

If you have ever been frustrated with pockets full of receipts while travelling and caravanning, than this travel app is totally for you. It’s as easy as take a picture with your phone of your receipt, categorise it, and the software will do the rest for you.  Store important receipts without paper!  Yes please!

Any More App You Need?

Technology is making our lives easier, better and more fun. Travelling and caravanning apps are great ways to give you peace of mind as you gallivant around seeing all the wonders of Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Do you have any other apps you regularly use? Comment it to us or tag us @lostandlovingit1 on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. If you want, you can join our email community for exclusive and free resources to get you travelling more. Enjoy these apps and see you soon on the road.


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