$513 per week budget for Travelling Australia with Kids (7 months in)

7 Month Stats, 2nd Lap of Australia – $513 per week, Family of 4
Free Camps – 33!!
Low Cost or National Park – 14
Caravan Parks – 6
Home/Yard stays – 4
Most days without plugging into Power: – 44
COST OF ACCOMMODATION ………. $35 per week
Weight lost by being happier and healthier!
Noela: 8kg
Joe: 2kg
COST OF FOOD/GROCERIES ………. $175 per week
OR ………. $6.25 per person/day! Favourite Cheap and Quick Meal –
Noela: Sweet Soy Turkey Mince and Veggies with Rice Noodles
Joe: Creamy Chicken and Mushroom
Rob: Sausages and Vege
Abby: Homemade Fish and ChipsMost popular Takeaway:

Occasional Pub dinner and Pies
Coffees spent out: Only 2
COST OF TAKEAWAY ………. $19 per week

Most Expensive Diesel – $1.90 at Bulman, Central Arnhem Highway, NT
17,000 kilometres travelled in New South Wales, Queensland and Northern Territory
2008 V8 Toyota Landcruiser Diesel
COST OF FUEL ………. $123 per week

Favourite Experiences –
Joe: Artillery Museum, Cairns and Kuranda Skyrail
Noela: Rob interviewing the Elliott family (The family responsible for all those Dinosaur discoveries in Outback Queensland) (Cost: Free!)
Rob: “I just love all of this trip”
Abby: Watching the Aboriginal Dancing on Emu Park Beach (Cost: Free!)
Regretful experiences: 0
COST OF ENTERTAINMENT………. $49 per week

Most unexpected repair: Windscreen replaced
Tyres repaired: 2
Unexpected purchase: Mavic Pro Drone – $2,006 not included

Best educational purchase: Handheld microscope, Leap Reader and Story of the World audio series
Unused purchase: Skwirk app
Number of regrets of choosing to Home Schooling: 0
Best advice: Trust in your own abilities and focus on empowering the love of learning.

COST OF GROG ………. $35 per week
Enemy No. 1: Rum!

TOTAL: $513 per week

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Favourite Free Camp
Joe: Tooloom Falls, NSW
Noela: Gregory Downs, Qld

Favourite Low Cost Camp
Joe: Natone, Inskip Point, Qld
Noela: Lawn Hill National Park, Qld

Favourite Kids Campsites
Rob: Crystal Cascades Cairns because I met so many cool kids there
Abby: Ingenia Cairns Coconut

Worst Road: Savannah Way between Hells Gate, Qld and Borroloola, NT
Best 4 x 4 Track: Big Sandy, Byfields National Park – https://www.lostandlovingit.com.au/2018/01/30/1005/
Best Beach (this trip): Cape Arnhem, East Arnhem Land, NT

Days worked: 30

Number of Travelling Families Met: 30+ !

Wouldn’t have left home without:
Joe: AGM Batteries & Solar
Noela: Portable Washing Machine

Most Unused Item:
Joe: Remote Control Nitro Buggy
Noela: Bellini Multi-Cooker (Cheaper version of Thermo)

Surprised that you haven’t used more:
Joe: TV Car Screens
Noela: DVDs

Things stolen: 0
Number of times we’ve donated our overstocked camper: 5! (Less is more people!)

Best advice –
Joe: Work to live, not live to work.
Noela: Your kids won’t want to hang around you forever. Don’t wait and miss your chance.
Rob: Always have an emergency boredom kit for in the car.
Abby: Always tell your mum if you want to talk to someone or go somewhere.

Memories Made: Millions
Dollars spent: $513 per week very well spent!
Education value: Priceless
Number of Regrets: NONE
Would we recommend this lifestyle: YES YES YES – and Absolutely YES! Why is this even a question!

Hope that helps with your planning!
We are budget travellers but never feel we miss out on anything.

Feel free to ask questions!

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