6 ways we find work while Travelling Australia – Tip #2: Facebook Pages and Groups

In our second tip, in our 6-part series of HOW to find work around Australia, we share with you the 15 PAGES & GROUPS that KEEP YOU in the LOOP OF JOBS during a lap!  Awesome, this saves you a lot of effort and hours of searching the net!


6 different methods we use to find work while Travelling Australia.

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JOIN THE Facebook pages and groups that specialise in advertising work on the road.


Facebook pages :

Facebook closed groups to add yourself too! :

Working while living on the road
Outback Jobs & Tourism
Station Jobs Australia/4×4/working Dog Advertising
farm work Australia
Farmwork Australia
Station/Farming Jobs Australia
Working as we travel
Fruitpicking Jobs Australia
Farm job Australia
Station positions Northern Australia
Now, we can’t vouch for ALL of these groups and at least one of them may charge you a fee if you are applying for work through their website, so please keep that in mind when searching.  On top of this, this is not even the entire list of Facebook pages specialising in work!  Say you are in Outback Queensland and looking for work – there is even a specific group for that!


Joining these pages will not guarantee you a job on the road, the hard part of securing work is up to you!!!

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