6 ways we find work while Travelling Australia – Tip #1

This is a six part series, where we will show you the 6 different methods we use to find work while Travelling Australia.

To kick it off, the first tip is not like your usual job searching method, so it may surprise you but we think its extremely effective considering it scored Joe a fantastic temporary contracted position in the stunning East Arnhem Land! (Can you tell we’re over the moon to be here!)

6 different methods we use to find work while Travelling Australia. 

TIP 1: 

JOIN the Facebook Pages of the local towns and areas you are in or will be visiting 


In particular look for the online community Noticeboards

For example, when we were in East Arnhem Land, we turned to Facebook and searched for Gove (the area name) and the Gove Notice Board came up.   Search for employment opportunities on the current posts, and if nothing is available, then add your own Employment Wanted ad!  

We always prefer to not respond to the employment post by commenting, but instead, call or email the employer directly using their preferred contact details.  If you do add an Employment Wanted ad, be sure that your personal profile and profile picture is of quality as this will be your first impression.

The most important thing to remember though is, that the job positions do not need to be 100% perfect – remember it is only a temporary job!  

If the employer is requiring someone more permanent or if your missing some of the negotiable skills, but know you will be fabulous at the job, contact the employer and discuss a possible alternative solution that can help both of you and the employer out short term!

Looking for more advice on finding work while travelling – jump right in for Tip 2 – How to find work

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