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I (Noela) have never believed in luck. Actually I not so secretly hate the use of the word. Life is not full of luck; it is full of dreams, passions and sheer will power to get yourself to where you want to be.

My younger days I grew up in the most appalling environments of severe abuse and neglect that no kid should even know exist, but thankfully my sisters and I were eventually put into the foster care and kinship care system. It’s not something I talk about often, but this experience is absolutely why I choose to prioritise my family’s happiness above all else. Every day is not a given, every opportunity is yours for the taking.

I had always been extremely passionate and head strong, but on skills that would help me survive, not thrive. It really wasn’t until I meet Joe, I became ME. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long. Joe and I are young love sweet hearts, meeting at our first job when I was only 15. Please don’t make me say how old that makes us then?!

If you ever want to know the kindest, gentlest, will literally (and has done many times) ‘give you the shirt off his own back’ type person, then Joe is the guy!

He’s from a farming background where everything can be fixed, nothing is too hard and you take the good times with the bad (drought).

We are absolute opposites in so many ways but united by a central core – family, love and TRAVEL!

We found the love and passion of travel TOGETHER. We’ve been on guided tours through Thailand, family travel in Bali, campervans in New Zealand, self-driven through Japan, travelled pregnant through Vietnam & Cambodia and backpacked throughout Europe. We’ve eaten tarantula (while pregnant, which could explain Rob’s climbing ability), jet boated, visited the remote lands of East Arnhem and had my 21st birthday on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. We have seen our own country (Australia) with three half laps and one full lap with kids and still this is not enough!

Life sure has been an adventure and I’m not sure if we have ever wasted a single day! We have achieved all this travel while running our own business (now closed down), renovating and managing properties on the side and even foster caring our own two special needs and disabled nephews for a couple of years. For anyone who says travel with kids is too hard, try pushing a child in a wheelchair up and down every waterfall around mountainous Atherton, Queensland all whilst being 5 months pregnant, have a toddler in tow and another special needs child to care for!!! Travel is our passion – no matter our circumstances!

One of the happiest days of our lives is the day Rob (Mr 8) came into our lives. Rob was our ‘4 years in the waiting’ child. He is our fun loving and full of life prince. Filled with so much heart, but way too much energy. We try so hard to keep up with his passions but absolutely know this kid will go places!

Abby was our surprise child! We were fostering our nephews at the time and hadn’t even discussed more kids, but this headstrong little Miss had completely a different idea. This little 5 year old, as cute and blonde curly haired as she is, is our fire and ultimately rules our family! Filled with so much love but do not ever get on the wrong side of her or no matter your age, she will take you down. She would love to be a dancer, but we choose to direct her towards Karate instead. Enough said!

And that brings us to right here, right now!
We have an unwavering passion for Travel and an attitude of just wanting to help and inspire others. We have created our webpage and Social Medias to show you that despite everything, you can follow your dreams too.


We live cheaply, we live simply and are having the adventures and times of our lives exploring and learning from this planet with our lives two incredible kids.

We are Lost and Loving It, would you like to be too?
Click Start Here and we’ll help you get started.

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