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Hi, we’re Joe, Noela, Rob and Abby!

We packed up our lives to road trip Australia and travel with kids around the world.   We are passionate about putting family first, travel, home schooling and living YOUR best life.  We love to show you how you can create your dream life and how to travel further, cheaper and smarter.

If you’re like us, you love to TRAVEL.

Travel brings out the best in all of us.  Whether you’re on a camping holiday or embracing travel with kids; we are at our happiest, most relaxed and even learn the most, when on holidays.  

Holidays end – but do they need to?

Faced with another year of the same old 9-5 working routine, we were losing our best years on jobs, debts and the mundane.  We knew we were also missing out on the best parts of our kids’ childhood – when they actually wanted to spend time with us!  

We wanted life-changing adventures, experiences that shape our kids’ incredible personalities, the education of a lifetime, and for us to live with no regrets.

Something had to change.  And it needed to be now!  That moment we decided to challenge the status quo.

Lost and Loving It

Packing up our lives was actually not that hard; once we embraced our decision to live our best lives through travel.

We’ve been travelling Australia with Kids since 2013, however, made the final commitment to never return ‘home’ in 2017. 

Since then our adventures and imagination to gain the ultimate freedom through travel have grown to epic proportions.  We backpack around the world with our kids, follow our passion of Worldschooling, and Australia is now our biggest backyard with our caravan.

We have made the travel lifestyle work.  We work as we travel with kids, embrace homeschooling and love showing others how to travel more.

We truly embrace being ‘Lost’ and are ‘Loving it’.

Just say Yes

New Years 2016, Joe and I decided to never put off an opportunity again.   To never miss a chance to see more, live more or do more.  To never miss a moment to be there for our kids.  Never miss a chance to help our kids be the best they can be. 

Just say Yes became our family motto.

Here is how it works:

  • If there is something you’ve always truly wanted and can achieve in your life.  Then, “Just say YES!”
  • If you’re invited to do something, even if it’s out of your comfort zone, and your first reaction is YES.  Then stop overthinking it and “Just say YES!” 
  • If there’s a task to complete that’s been hanging over your head.  Stop putting it off and “Just say YES”
  • If there is somewhere that you have always wanted to visit, something you want to see, learn or do. Then “Just say YES”

Just say yes is about living your best life now, and not putting anything off.   We are all about squeezing the most out of life, before it is too late.

About Us


I am the self-confessed travel fanatic of the family.   I love the feeling of excitement that builds when planning a new trip.  The thrill of a new adventure.  Pushing myself and my kids past their comfort zones.    

After a turbulent childhood in the foster care system, I was lucky enough to learn some of life’s most important lessons early on.  Lucky and foster care, wouldn’t usually go together, but that is just me.  You see, when you have seen the worst in people; it’s very easy to be able to see the positives out of every situation.  I am an unshakeable optimist and love to share my passion for life with others.

I am a dedicated mum, am a fantastic listener, love to tell and write a good story and enjoy a nice glass of red.  


Joe is the rock of our family and not your typical Mechanic.  If you ever want to know the kindest, most sincerest ‘give you the shirt off his own back’ person, then it is Joe. 

Not happy with being someone else’s employee for life, he successfully ran his own mechanical business for 10 years before turning to motivating and empowering students, as a Technical Teacher and Trainer. 

To fund our travels, Joe still works part-time creating audio and visual training packages remotely for Australia’s biggest mining company.  

Joe is also our drone enthusiast and the chief travel destination and product researcher.  He was the kid that needed to know how everything worked, which means if we have purchased something or visited somewhere, you can bet its because it is the best. 

Joe has found his best balance.  He’s there for most moments of our kid’s childhood and uses each moment to its full potential.  


At the age of 9, Rob brings all the energy and fun into our family.  Diagnosed at a young age with ADHD and ASD, we are forever trying to keep up with his natural passion and zest for life.  Rob reminds us every day what it’s truly like to live in the moment. 

Rather than work against Robs’ traits, we harness them.  Through Homeschooling and Worldschooling, Rob has become a self-confident and social young man, who is all Heart. 

What Rob loves the most is to backpack to the world, hang upside down in trees, learn about World history and is a self-confessed ‘Bookworm’.

Rob helps with all our travel videos and even writes his own blog posts.  Rob is a super big brother and wants to be a published author by 12 years of age.  


You will find Abby front and centre of every photo, video and tour group.  Don’t let the cute blonde curly hair ever confuse you.  At just 6 years of age, she is our headstrong, social, wild child; who ultimately rules our family.  

Abby sure has lived the life.  She has spent more time on the road travelling, than living in a house.  She has hiked the 17kms to the most southern point of Tasmania, stood on top of Machu Picchu and snorkelled the Galapagos with giant sea turtles. 

She loves making people laugh with her wicked sense of humour.   

About our blog

We commonly get asked how we travel with kids and how we can afford it.  Travel is such an important part of who we all are; how can we afford not to?

Our blog started as our personal hope to inspire other families to travel more, but it has now turned into our business.

What we offer on our blog is:  

  • Destination advice of where to visit in Australia
  • Expert advice on visiting Arnhem Land
  • Tips on travelling Australia with kids
  • Road trip Australia and camping holidays
  • Qualified mechanical advice on setting up your perfect travelling rig
  • Tips to travel further, cheaper and smarter
  • Minimalist advice and family budgeting tips
  • Advice on overseas backpacking with kids
  • Inspiration on creating income while travelling
  • Genuine product reviews of the best gear and destinations suited to travellers *
  • Homeschooling and Worldschooling how-tos 
  • Personal recommendations of the homeschooling resources to use
  • Family places to go and caravanning with kids
  • Planning advice, itinerary suggestions and travel with kids advice.

If you don’t find the information you need in articles on our website, reach out and contact us.  

* We work with brands and can be paid for featured reviews on our blog, as per our Disclosure policy.  Despite this, our honest opinion of a product, service or destination, and our integrity will always come first.  We will never recommend a product that we wouldn’t personally use and recommend to our friends and families. 

If you are a brand and would like to work with us, please reach out and contact us.

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