All you need to know about Fraser Island, Queensland

Fraser Island or known in the indigenous Butchulla name, “K’Gari” is in fact the largest sand Island in the world, which makes for a perfect family camping vacation.  Situated only a few hours from Brisbane means that holiday makers feel far enough away from the hustle and bustle of life, yet close enough that you aren’t spending your entire holiday on travelling!   We love Fraser and have been there many times.  As such, here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions:

How do you get to Fraser Island?

Three barges operate, two that arrive into the western side of the island and one to the south.  We have only ever used the KingFisher Bay ferry that leaves from Hervey Bay as a walk-on passenger, but our only method used when taking the car and camper is the Manta Ray Vehicle Barge that operates from Inskip Beach to Hook Island on Fraser Island.

Should I take my caravan there?

Caravans and low trailers are not recommended on Fraser Island as per at the time of writing this by Queensland National Parks.  We have however seen quite a few off-road caravans & campers on the island and of course we took our lifted Goldstream camper with us.  So within reason, the judgement and potential consequence is all yours.  The largest problem is being bogged on the rising tides and some of the inland access tracks to the beautiful perched lakes have a lot of low branch overhangs.

How long should I visit for?

A minimum of 3 days.  We have managed (just), to fit almost every lake, beach and the lighthouse possible to be explored on Fraser Island in a 3 days long weekend before.  But with ‘never enough’ downtime, it honestly was a rush!

Are dogs allowed?

No, this is a National Park.  Poochie needs to stay at home.

What are your highlights?

Lake MacKenzie is out of this world beautiful on the right day.  The Lighthouse walk is strenuous, but even our little peoples legs managed it.  And Eli Creek is absolutely worth a few hours to just wallow, explore and have fun!  Pack a snorkel set or a floatation device – absolutely bliss!

Whats your favourite place to camp?

We love Waddy Point to the north.  Its close to petrol and supplies at Orchid Beach, and close to the Sandy Cape lighthouse and the beautiful champagne pools.

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