Alternative Education: Unschooling

Looking into homeschooling in Australia, but unsure where to start?  You can easily be confused with the terminology, because of so many choices of alternative education methods.  Make your decision of unschooling, homeschooling and following a curriculum, nature-based, or child-led for your home education pathway.  The options are truly endless.  

We identify ourselves of Eclectic homeschoolers – choosing what we think is the best of all worlds and using to suit the scenario.  Consequently, alternative Education such as unschooling while travelling is the most effective method for us. Here we discuss how it works for us when on the road full-time.    

Alternative Education


Education doesn’t have to mean four walls and a classroom.  I woke up this morning to a book of crocodiles on my face by Miss almost 5.  A usual start to the day indeed!  Written between two deadly beasts was the carefully constructed sentence with her words, “I Love You.”  How is this possible with no formal education?  How could she build a meaningful sentence unaided at under 5? 

Honestly, We didn’t force her to sit down and practice letters.  We didn’t force activities, books or lesson plans on her!  

Similar to Rob.  In his first years of schooling, we sent him to mainstream school.  Actually, I’d never even heard of homeschooling!  We persevered, tried everything and also eventually changed schools.  It became apparent though, that Rob would never be able to sit still, listen and learn.  

But now… He constantly surprises us with his creative story writing skills.

He also shows quick ability to recall math’s calculations and completes his own ‘want to do book’ work a year above his grade. More so, he confidently socialises with any age group. Furthermore, he is more vocal with his interest in anything science and ohh the books! (His current novel is Neverending Story – if you remember it as a kid, it’s true to name! A very very long book)!

The similarities in both of our kids now are they both WANT to learn. And constantly!  Their education is no longer limited to 9-3 Monday to Friday. It’s everywhere, anytime and in everything they do. Their natural curiosity is on fire!  

  • As parents, we are always thinking ahead of what may interest them.  We even provide as much literature in the camper as possible.  
  • We listen and answer every question, and if we do not know, we then research together! 
  • We’re continually doing what interests them and in turn, they become engaged in what interests us! 
  • Visit museums every chance we get.  We stay for hours, only leaving when they want to go. 
  • Encourage them to ask questions, even to strangers! 
  • We let them make mistakes often and then learn from them.
  • Read to them every day, bonding over books and imagination.
  • We have limited TV and internet (by choice and availability)!
  • Make sure we register, we’re social and active in any homeschooling community we pass through.

Furthermore, this path has led our kids to be happy, independent, self-confident, intelligent, social and thriving little beings. Despite early criticism, we are now so comfortable in our decision to homeschool.  It has changed all of our lives for the better!

Hopefully, by writing this, we might inspire someone to try something new. Above all, give current Homeschoolers or Unschoolers motivation to keep going or at least demonstrate a success story of an ‘alternative education’!


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