Meeting the Galapagos Tortoise in the wild: A story of discovery from a nine-year old

I’m about to go to a Tortoise Sanctuary in Ecuador, on the continent of South America, and I wonder what I might see there.   Oh dear me, I am so bad mannered.  My name is Rob, I’m nine years old and I am excited to be going to a Tortoise Sanctuary… Read more

10 Best Lightweight Hiking Tents for the Entire Family

Do you want to go camping with the family? If you want to enjoy the bright Australian Outback, family tents are indispensable. You can’t get any ordinary tent, though. The best family tents needs to pack small, have a lot of wiggle room and should be tough for the unpredictable… Read more

7 Days of Easy and Healthy Camping Meals

Our weekly family food budget is $170 per week.  We also live and breath the camping and caravanning lifestyle.  “But, how do you travel with kids so long and not go broke?”  This is what I get asked quite often.  We’ve been travelling around Australia and the world now for… Read more

How to Add Power Supply to a Camper

Hooking up a DC to DC charger for your camper trailer requires a lot of extra safety precautions.  If you’re camping or caravanning around Australia, this is super important stuff.  You wouldn’t want to burn through to your engine bay when you’re on the road, especially if the next town’s… Read more

Home School: Explore all the benefits of homeschooling in Australia so your ready for 2019
23 Benefits of Home Schooling Your Kids

Thinking of homeschooling your child?  Taking control of your children’s education is possible and extremely beneficial. Home schooling in Australia is on the rise for a few years now. Parents like you and me may be unhappy with how standard education works these days. It’s also possible you want more… Read more

Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail: Why haven’t you visited Aramac yet?

Out of nowhere, life-sized artistic sculptures started appearing on the outskirts of Aramac in the Australian outback.  Handcrafted from rusty discarded metals and placed prominently on the road to Lake Dunn, a freshwater lake of Queensland.  These towering iconic Australian sculptures had both locals and tourist bewildered. At first, the… Read more

10 Easy Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Entire Family

Christmas is not just for the kids, it’s for the entire family! We love the season of giving just like any Australian. That’s why we also spend a lot of time thinking about what to give! Finding good family Christmas gift ideas is hard.  Finding suitable family travel gifts is… Read more

How to Travel Oz and stay Happy and Healthy

Free camping, travelling around Australia and unlimited holidays with kids really does sound like the dream life.  What could possibly go wrong?  But to travel Oz and to stay both happy and healthy requires some helpful advice. Autumn from Nourished Wanderings shares with us her TOP 6 TIPS to keep… Read more

15 Best Paid Educational Apps Your Kids Will Need

As people know, we love supplementary education, especially as a family homeschooling in Australia.  As a matter of fact, people have been asking us for our suggestions of the best paid educational apps on the internet.  We thought, why not? We know how effective educational apps can be. Our goal… Read more

12+ Thoughtful Christmas Gifts Your Kids Would Actually Love

Christmas presents for kids can be difficult. You’d think that just giving them what they want is enough, but we want to make sure our children are guided properly as well. We believe gifts are supposed to be thoughtful but enjoyable at the same time. They should be, considering how… Read more