15 Best Paid Educational Apps Your Kids Will Need

As people know, we love supplementary education, especially as a family homeschooling in Australia.  As a matter of fact, people have been asking us for our suggestions of the best paid educational apps on the internet.  We thought, why not?

We know how effective educational apps can be. Our goal is to make sure we only pick the best that we can find on the internet. Even then, we know we might miss a few good ones, so suggest some of them in the comments.

The following apps are designed for various ages of children.  All of the apps below are child-friendly, so you can leave the apps running for the kids to play with.  If free apps are more your preference, we have also compiled the ultimate best free apps list, so check it out as well.

With that in mind, here are our favourite best paid educational apps we think your kids need.   

Don’t buy all of them.  Pick and choose what will work best for your family.

Did you know that there is a free online community where you can purchase apps cheaper than below! 

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Australian Homeschooling Summit


From $8 per game or complete bundle for USD $19.99.  Suitable for 4-9 years old and 9+

DragonBox Math App Suite

Dragonbox has won multiple awards including Best Educational Game for 2014. There’s a reason why.

Designed as a multi-game, the various downloads provide an engaging way to include math in your child’s everyday life. They’re colourful and don’t feel like education at all. They have the same look and feel as full production video games, but with maths!

Homeschooling in Australia is more fun now with these entertaining maths apps. Dragonbox is well worth every penny you sink into it.

Stack the Countries

USD $4.49 at the iOS App Store

Stack the Countries

Stack the Countries is an educational geography game teaching and quizzing kids on the countries of the world and their shapes, neighbours, landmarks, capital cities, languages, flags, and other geographical facts.

Whilst your kids are sharpening their geography, they can interact with each country and place them on their rightful spot on Earth. There’s a number of different game modes to choose from, so your kids will never get bored with this paid learning app.

Stack the Countries is simple, colourful and easy to use. Collect all the countries and complete your very own map of the world!

Australian Histories Mysteries  

$75 for 12 months access to Prep to Year 12 lessons

Australian History Mysteries Curriculum Resources

We love our country. Homeschooling in Australia means a lot of time as well to learn our rich history not only as immigrants but as settlers of this fine land. Australian Histories Mysteries attempts to put our history under the lens.

What we like about AHM is how they’ve made planning Australian history lessons easy with their rich online resources for all year levels. They have case studies, videos, print and interactive content. 

They adopt an inquiry learning approach that encourages historical skills development, including equipping students with the capacity to develop historical thinking and imagination.

It even encourages the kids to go out and learn, so that’s awesome in our books.

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$99 per child for 12-month Parent Subscription, $180 for a 24-month subscription.  Suitable for Prep to Year 10.


Skwirk helps busy home educators cover the Australian curriculum whilst fostering independent learning and recording student progress. This is a parent’s partner in making sure their kids are up to date with the national standards whilst homeschooling in QLD or any state.

Skwirk is easy to navigate through subject, topic and chapter and can be used as an integrated program for six key subject areas or as a springboard for further discussion and revision. Unlike textbooks, the content in Skwirk gets an update free of cost, so you don’t need to worry that your child’s knowledge gets dated.

Easy to use with great progress tracking, Skwirk is what any parent needs if they plan on distance learning their child.

ArtVenture  Use the code LOSTANDLOVINGIT for a 35% discount

Free Trial or $79 for 12 months access.  Lessons align with Art curriculum for 5 – 12 year olds.  USE the code LOSTLOVINGIT for 35% discount.


As a parent, you want to encourage your kids to develop their skills, but you don’t always have the time to help! Artventure has you covered when it comes to teaching them to draw and paint. Simply set them up and watch them create artworks all by themselves.

The best thing about Artventure is how it teaches kids to be independent. This is an important lesson that advocates of homeschooling in Australia try to teach our kids. Their 7-step process helps children work on the entire art process for themselves without panic that they’ll mess up.

Another thing we love is the art instructor, Kirsty! Her instructions are simple to follow and she treats the kids as independent adults. No baby talking at all. Being a mum herself, she does her best to make sure the art lessons are inclusive but fun.

Whilst nothing beats us parents personally taking care of our kids’ art lessons, Artventure is the next best thing for online homeschooling.


$197 for 12 months.  Aligns with the Prep to Year 12 cirriculum.

Maths Online Math Tutor

With MathsOnline, you are giving your child access to their own maths tutor in the home day or night.  Whilst I love maths myself: I am not a math prodigy.  And you won’t need to be either.  

MathsOnline is aligned with the Australian curriculum and provides a full lesson on each topic for the child to complete before they go ahead and answer questions. Their services are spectacular, letting your child learn at their own pace.

If something’s hard to get, all your home schooled kids need to do is rewind the lesson. Even then, the lessons are not hard at all! All concepts are explained in easy to understand terms. There are interactive worksheets at the end of each lesson to see if the students get it.

Get one-page summaries that encapsulate the entire context of a chapter into a few easy to understand bullet points and examples. You even get the solutions after submitting the interactive worksheets.

Whether your kids are homeschooling or going into K-12, MathsOnline is how you catch up or go ahead of the pack.

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BrainPop Jr & BrainPop

US $180 for BrainPop Jr, $240 for BrainPop – Annual Plans, Homeschool Version.  These Apps comes on sale often.  Suitable for Prep to Year 3 & Year 4 onwards.

BrainPOP interactive learning

BrainPop Jr & BrainPop are interactive learning tools that help teach students how to understand the world. Originally made as a creative way to explain difficult concepts, they provide supplementary learning that you can use at school or at home. 

BrainPop’s tools are designed to be playful but relevant. They touch on subjects like life sciences, astronomy, ancient history and even coding!  They start with animated movie explainers that are both entertaining and educational.

BrainPop and BrainPop Jr. are great supplementary lessons, especially for your active children homeschooling in QLD who are struggling with some lessons.

Reading Eggs

Free 4 week trial and $59 for Full Access Annual Subscription, $9.95 for monthly.  Suitable from age 2-8 years.

Reading Eggs

The Reading Eggs system is a nurture and grow style reading tutorial that teaches kids how to read better. Like any online homeschooling platform, Reading Eggs is interactive and proactive.

They engage kids through games, songs and provide rewards when children do exceptional in their lessons. This paid learning app starts early at 2-4 years old and goes up to 7-13 year olds.

At the early years, Reading Eggs teaches kids through engaging activities. As you go further, they drill down the important skills in reading like proper grammar, spelling and comprehension. By the time your kids are at the highest stages, your kids get structure comprehension lessons and live games fit for their age.

Reading Eggs can get your kids ahead of their peers! Reading is fun when there’s engaging content that makes sure they learn and enjoy at the same time.


$49.95 for Full Access Annual Subscription.  Suitable for 3-9 year olds


The sister app to Reading Eggs, Mathseed provides the same fun that the reading app provides but for maths. You can imagine how hard it is to make math more enjoyable than it is. We love Mathseed because if your children are homeschooling in Australia, you need to find a way to motivate them with maths.

Their approach is entirely different too! Whilst Reading Eggs was extra playful in nature, Mathseed goes the structured lessons route to make understanding easier. They didn’t scrimp on the fun though!

Each lesson is presented in a fun scenario that makes the most out of the problem solving into a fully interactive game. There’s just no dull moment! Mathseed is quick, easy and takes away the boring parts of maths.

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Moby Max

Starts at $49 for 1 subject module.  Watch for this one to come on sale or through homeschooling co-ops!  Suitable for Prep to Year 8.

MobyMax Suite

Whether it’s K-12 school or even online home schooling, there’s a possibility for the kids to miss out on certain skills.

MobyMax is a supplementary learning platform that promises to “fix the gaps”. The idea is that they help students catch up with subjects they’re struggling with through their learning suite. It seems to be working too!

MobyMax has received multiple offline and online awards for education and learning. If you’re going to spend money on a paid educational app that targets a particular skill and help your kids catch up, this may be the platform you need.


$10 annually for Parent Plans, $180 for Lifetime Membership.  Recommended for 7 years +

Tynker Coding for Kids

Coding is a long useful skill for kids, and learning a new coding language can be fun! Tynker helps your kids put play and learning together by teaching them how to code in games.

One of the favourite parts we love about their method is using the game Minecraft. If you haven’t heard of it, it is a Lego-style block building game that allows you to make anything you want. They’re using that fun, multi-awarded game for education! Hours of fun whilst learning how to code!

For how low cost the entire platform is, Tynker provides sheer value that’s hard to find elsewhere. If your kids like to play around with computers, we highly recommend signing up with this paid education platform.


Free to use for 3 activities/day, $88 Premium Family Account for Unlimited Activities.  Free through some local library memberships.  Lessons for 3-13 year-olds.


Fun and study should go together to make sure your kids have an easier time learning. Studyladder wants that for your kids.

Teachers designed the entire platform to help your children learn as much as possible and maximise the fun out of every activity. Let us say this too: there’s a ton of things to do!

The page name for the site says online English literacy and maths, but don’t be fooled. They have everything that your kids might find interesting, from maths, English, sciences, technology, sociology, health and safety, nearly all major languages in the world, music and arts! Whew, that’s a lot.

Sceptical? If you’re on the fence, they provide a free account that you can use for three activities per day. Choose any three activities you want your kids to do and they can start learning. If the kids want more, its unlimited activities have fair prices to go on.

We recommend Studyladder for kids of all ages, with the most activities available for the younger learners out there.


Free Trail and $99 for Individual Annual Plan.  Suitable for Kindergarten to High School.

Tales2Go Audio Learning

Tales2Go is a unique learning platform. It’s the only one we’ve seen of its kind so far, so it has that going for it. It’s an audio learning platform where your kids get access to thousands of branded audio books designed for learning.

The idea behind this is kids need to be good listeners first, and as a family with kids homeschooling in QLD, we agree. Listening is not a skill that a lot of programs teach. Kids exposed to good storytelling become more thoughtful and tend to hear people out more.

All of the audiobooks pass a rigorous screening, so you can be sure that your children only listen to master storytellers and child-friendly language. Some of the language can be beyond the kids’ vocabulary, so it can help better for their curiosity.

Is Tales2Go a good idea? Yes! It’s literally Audible for kids.

Prodigy Maths

Free to use. Ad free with higher levels – USD $8.95 per month or $59.88 per year for Premium.  Prodigy is suitable for Grades 1-8.

Prodigy Math Game

If there’s one paid learning app out there that we think needs more love, that’s Prodigy Maths. Designed for grades 1-8 students, Prodigy Maths combines lessons with games to make learning easier.

Whilst using video games is not unique, their activities and maths seamlessly integrate together. It even allows the students to play it together as a community.

Prodigy Maths can be used for free, but if you want to get the best out of the system, the low cost premium account is great as it is. Not only does it help with more learning activities for the kids, it also boosts their game account so they can enjoy the game better.

Prodigy Maths can also create diagnostics to cater activities to the student’s skill level and create reporting so you know who needs more help. It’s one awesome educational platform that we can’t get enough of.

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Human Anatomy Atlas

$39 per year, but can go on sale for as cheap as $3.  Suitable for the older child.

Human Anatomy Atlas 2019 iOS

The Human Anatomy Atlas is as close as you can go into the human body for an app. It’s intricate, well-designed and works in both 2D and 3D! This app that medical professionals around the world use for instruction.

The app is perfect for the older secondary school child who needs a detailed introduction to the human body. Human Anatomy Atlas offers thousands of models to help understand and communicate how the human body looks and works-and includes textbook-level definitions. 

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