10 of the BEST things to do in LONGREACH – according to the kids!

BEST THINGS TO DO in Longreach, Outback Queensland (according to kids!)




10 of the BEST things to do in LONGREACH

1.  Visiting the farm and animals at Strathmore Station.  We saw Cows, Emus, Kangaroos and Windmills.  We also got to pat their cute dog called Poppy (which is also our dog’s name that our Aunty is looking after for us).  Dad eventually played a game in their shearing shed, where he pretended to be the Shearer, and we got to be his Rouseabouts.

2.  Laughing our heads off at Smithy’s Outback Show.  Owen was hilarious, and Ronnie played a poly pipe didgeridoo. They joked that it might have been the sewage line. Gross!  We also ate yummy fish and cake.

3.  The Sunset Cruise as we went everywhere on the boat, so we saw the sun in every direction. (Why can’t kids sit still! Lol 🤦‍♂️). The captain let us steer too!  These were all a paid activity that we organised through www.outbackaussietours.com.au.

4.  Climbing the rocks at Captain Starlights lookout and finding a cool hidden cave. We’re fast at climbing!  It was a FREE activity. 

5.  Swimming at the town’s pool because it was nice and warm. We actually like diving and swimming underwater, so it was worth it.  Likewise, it was LOW-COST activity.

6.  Eating sausage rolls and having a milkshake at Merino bakery.  Once again, this was a LOW-COST activity.

7.  Visiting the School of the Air because we saw how other kids learn.  They even talk to school kids over microphones!  This was a  LOW-COST activity.

8.  Getting a haircut because now we look cooler.  Similarly, this was a LOW-COST activity (and I honestly had no idea it would make aids are odd sometimes!)

9.  Having a picnic at the Botanical Gardens as there weren’t too many prickles there.  This was a FREE activity.

10.  Seeing Emus walking in the streets.  This was a FREE activity.  Even more, the emus are most likely to walk along the roads in the mornings and afternoons.


We are a family travel blog, so if you liked this list, please send the kids some encouragement and feedback for helping your family with their recommendations.


* We also visited the Stockman’s Hall of Fame, however, unfortunately, this didn’t make the kids top 10 mainly because I think we all felt it was the too high price for what you can see in a lot of museums for cheaper along your travellers.  Just their opinion though.



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BEST THINGS TO DO in Longreach, Outback Queensland (according to kids!)

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