Is the Cairns Aquarium, Queensland worth a visit?

In the short answer, YES!  But here is why…

From the outset the entry price of $126 for a family is quite steep so before a visit. I put in a fair bit of research to make sure it was worth the cost. I would recommend you do the same as well.


The Cairns Aquarium located in Tropical North Queensland is a brand new attraction that opened only in 2017. It shows species and habitats specifically to the Tropical North Queensland area.  It is such a great benefit when visiting the place, as some of the species are quite simply so unique and beautiful, and found only specific to one of the wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef.  During our visit, we knew on that we would not get a chance to go snorkelling or see the real reef up close. So a visit to the Cairns Aquarium offered an excellent alternative for our family.

The biggest drawcards for our visit was how new and bright all the glass in the exhibits were – to see the animals up close and personal.  We have visited many aquariums in Australia and overseas, and with all of them, the tanks and glass must have been close to 20 years old or more!   But seeing the animals through un-scratched and crystal clear lens, that the staff were continually keeping clean was fantastic and a big highlight.  Due to the newness of the attraction, we thought it did lack signage to a certain degree. However instead there were numerous accommodating, informative and incredibly patient staff to answer our kids many, MANY questions.

The new aquarium tunnel is a beautiful feature.  On all sides of you, you have various fish, sharks and rays swimming by you.  It is fantastic for kids of any age because they are guaranteed to be engaged in the whole experience.  Firstly, we had a resident Ray stop us completely in its tracks in awe, as it glided over our entire family.  It felt like we were right there with him – it was that close.  Later, we were then greeted by a Mr Hammerhead cruising by!

For your visit, I would recommend researching and taking advantage of the daily talks and presentations that seems to have been increased since our visit.  By making it slow, exploring each exhibit extensively and turning our visit into a full educational tour, we manage to spend 3-4 hours there. However, you could see the whole attraction in an hour if that is all you have too.

Is the Cairns Aquarium worth a visit?  Yes.  And as a matter of fact, we would even return when re-visiting Cairns due to the excellent interactive learning factor!  What have you decided, will you be visiting?

HAS OUR HONEST REVIEW HELPED YOU OR HAVE YOU BEEN TO THE CAIRNS AQUARIUM?  Please send us a comment below; we appreciate your comments and feedback.



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Cairns Aquarium

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