Camp Fire cooking on a BUDGET

No beans for dinner for us!

Good quality food is incredibly important to us.  So much so, that I started a degree in Nutrition so I could better understand the benefits of foods for my own family’s health!  But with only a small income coming in, our budget is also extremely important.

By buying local; we can keep our costs down, support local communities and farmers, cut down on plastics and provide for my family a nutritious and delicious meal.

This piece of rump raised locally was only $10 a kilo!!!


Some sausages in supermarkets are more expensive than that!

The men sure did do this piece of meat justice… 5 hours of slow cooking and smoking for this rump, served with red wine gravy, cheese and chives damper and locally grown veges!  OMG …. delicious and tender!

Dessert is suppose to be chocolate damper. I think I’ll skip dessert, lie down and slip into a meat coma instead.


How do you cook to remain healthy but keep full control of a budget?  Share your comments and tips below.


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