Complete your Camping Food List with these Camping Dinner Ideas

Now that we have finished our camping meal ideas for breakfast and lunch, we’re onto dinner. Dinner outdoors caravan and camping should be cozy. It’s a time relax and talk as the day ends.

This is why we’re including the easiest of camping dinner ideas to add to your camping food list.   

1. Tent-Style 5 Ingredient Beef Strog

29 Beef Stroganoff

A 5 ingredient beef stroganoff is one of the easy camping meals for large groups. Have a large pot and get it going. This one is so easy you dont even need a recipe. Add diced beef, mushroom, mushroom soup in a tin, sweet soy kecap manis (asian sweet soy) cooked on a bed of pasta. Use farfalle or fusilli pasta to get all that sweet meaty sauce throughout pasta.

2. Campfire Sweet Potatoes

Easy camping meals for family

Sweet potatoes are a camper’s best friend. Easy to store and last a long time unfridgerated. If you like simple tastes, we suggest doing your sweet potatoes Yaki-Imo style. Toss your sweet potatoes straight into charcoal and let them cook, skin and all. You can also grill them over a BBQ pit. Add your favourite ingredients and like magic – a healthy family-friendly dinner is done!

3. Camp Stuffed Potatoes

24 Stuffed Potatoes

We love stuffed potatoes. Even in their simplest form, they’re a delightful source of energy on the go. One of the camping food hacks we love is poking the potato all over with a fork. Rub some delish garlic butter around it and double wrap in tin foil. Let it cook under charcoal for 40 mins to an hour. Get more butter and add some cheese and bacon to top it off. Easy, next to no clean up, and scrumptious for the whole family.

4. Easy Prep Bolognaise

26 Spag Bol

Spag Bol is quicker and easier to prepare. You can have it premade and store it in the freezer/cooler for later. Just cook the pasta while you’re camping! Prep your sauce with some mince, two tins of tomatoes, tomato paste, load it with veges or beans and spices for a basic recipe. For extra snap, we recommend adding chorizo, bacon bits and mushrooms. Guarantee to make the kids lick the bowls.

5. Easy PreCamp Panang Curry

27 Panang Curry

A Thai and Japanese classic – that now you can turn into a super simple freezable camping meal on a budget. This is our kids all time favourite curry recipe. We premake at home with this recipe! You can have it premade at home or have the spices prepped so you can cook in your camp.

6. Quick Campfire Meat and 3 Veg

28. Meat and 3 veg

This is a must in any tent camping meals. Have your steak meats ready, then supplement it with some salad or stir fry and mash veggies. Easy, simple and everyone loves it.

7. One Pot Stews

30.One-pot stew

How long will you be travelling for? Long term trips or large adventures to remote destinations to the Cape, along the Gibb River Road or East Arnhem Land means big days and not much time for food preperation.

One Pot Stews are great to prepare before a big trip and stow into zip lock bags. It’s a favourite premade meal ideas for a camping trip. Use your favourite recipes loaded with fresh vegies, cook your recipe in bulk and freeze in A4 flat packs. These premade ‘no fuzz’ camping dinners fit perfectly in your Waeco or Engel.

8. Fried Rice

31 Fried Rice

Fried Rice is a campfire staple for dinner. It’s light, easy, healthy and can just come from leftovers or made from scratch. A favourite mix we have is the fully unrefrigerated variety which is perfect for hiking adventures. We cook the rice, brown the roasted garlic, add veges of any choosing and the soy and oyster sauce. Using dried chinese meats such as Lup Chong, means that no ingredients ever needs to touch a fridge. Perfect for the lightweight camper.

9. BBQ Chicken Foil Packs

32 Foil Chicken

BBQ chicken foil packs are easy campfire meals aluminum foil. There are different combinations you can make, but it’s smart to have them premade to marinate in more juices. Go for either a lemon-soy mix or an equally tasty chicken pineapple dish.

10. Scouts’ Favourite Lasagna

33 Lasagna

Making lasagna is difficult when your in a house. But camping, you can make it super easy with this super popular Scouts Favourite Lasagna. You know we are a Scouting family, so why not make this easy classic recipe for your troops.

11. Campfire Sausage and Veg

34 Sausage and Veg

Sausage and vegetables are easy. But lets make it even easier by cutting out most of the washing up and doing it kebab style! This is way to easy that not only can the kids do all the prep, they will also love to eat it!

12. One Pot Campfire Roast and Veg

35. One pot campfire roast & veg

Buying a large cut of beef from a local butcher while you travel is a sure fire way to keep the families bellies happy, and also save you a lot of money on quality meat. This beef above was $8 per kilo! A one pot roast is simple. Roast beef chuck, add your vegies to the same pot and cook over coals. Make a fresh damper and gravy from your meat juice and done – another easy family camping dinner favourite.

13. Coal Chicken Veg Skewers

35 Chicken Kebab

Chicken and Veggie Kebabs are another of our favourite campfire recipes. Spice the chicken and add onions, capsicum and maybe even some pineapples if you want something refreshing.

14. Grandma’s Favourite Campfire Tuna Mornay

37 Tuna Mornay

Tuna Mornay is delicious but needs a bit of work at home. This recipe can be modified so you don’t even need to refrigerate food items and still tastes great. Replace the grated cheese with packet dried parmesan and the fresh milk with milk powder. You can even cook it all in one single cast iron pan. Add it to your grandma’s favourite recipe list and enjoy the yumminess.

15. Easy Family Tacos

38 Family Tacos

If you can make Campfire tacos, hard tacos are the way to go. Prep some spiced mince, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese, then get a glob of avocado, sour cream and spicy taco sauce for a nice kick.

16. Char Grilled Burgers

43 Hot Ham and Pineapple Burger

Burgers are staple camping recipes in any camping holiday. Buy the premade patties or even better make your own. Add fresh salad, pineapple, beetroot and put your feet up and call dinner complete.

17. Vegan 5 Ingredient Pulled Pork

40. Pulled Vegan Jackfruit

For vegans who are looking for the best vegan camping foods, this tried and tested (and re-tested over and over again) vegan pulled pork sandwich recipe is delicious and easy to do. One of our premade meal ideas for a camping trip, the recipe features jackfruit as your meat substitute.


And now the super easy..


18. Simple Jaffle Iron Pizzas

Jaffles are not only for breakfast. You can also get them for dinner as pizzas, similar to the calzone. It’s a way to enjoy pizza without too much hassle. Enjoy this camping food hack with pizza sauce, mozarella and pepperoni.

19. Campfire Sausage and Eggs

42 Sausage and Eggs

Who said sausages are only for breakfast? Campfire sausage and eggs are delicious and hearty, which make them classic camping food. With just a few ingredients to fill those tummies, this makes for one of the easiest camping foods.

Using these camping food ideas, are you now ready to write your next camping food list?

What food will you be preparing for your next camping trip?

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Is dinner a problem in your campsite? Here are 20 easy to make campfire dinner ideas. Enjoy deliciousness, from burgers to pizza and everything in between.

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