Camping Tips: Water Storage

Camping connects you with the quiet majesty of nature, allowing you to recharge your batteries and relax with family and friends. For some, “roughing it” is all part of the fun — but camping tips priority number 1 in any of your caravan and camping checklists is to ensure you have a safe water storage system.  In this video, Joe discusses his some homespun ingenuity to make things easier for you on your next camping trip.

Priority number #1 Camping Tips: Water Storage

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Difference between Water Filter and Water Purifier

Simply put it this way.  A water filter is designed to remove waterborne protozoa and bacteria, but not viruses. While, a water purifier is designed to combat all three classes of microbes, including viruses.

Like every camping tips, you need to make sure the water you are about to drink is safe. Most especially, if you have kids with you.   

A simple fact to remember:

Water purifiers like Chlorine Dioxide will kill 99.9% of all microorganisms (like protozoa, bacteria, and viruses) in your water. Chlorine Dioxide is excellent for sheltering-in-place, and also great for treating water from your barrels or water you collect from streams or rivers while hiking.

However, purifiers alone won’t remove turbidity (dirt, silt, “floaties,” and chemicals) from your water. We recommend using a purifier and filter together to make sure your water is clean (especially if you are collecting water for drinking and washing, but turbidity is ok if you use soap while washing.)

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Camping Tips: Priority number 1 in any of your caravan and camping checklists is to ensure you have a safe water storage system.  In this video, Joe discu...

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