Caravanning Australia with Kids : Meet the Australian Travel Blogs set on inspiring you in 2019!

When you realise your young families “great Aussie dream” surmounts to just overworked parents, two cars and a mortgage; you begin to question how to S-Q-U-E-E-Z-E more out of life.

This is exactly what our guest posters, My Rig Adventures did too!

READ MORE about they turned their caravanning Australia dream into a reality, and how their Australian travel blog is set on inspiring you to travel with kids in 2019.


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Meet My Rig Adventures

We are your average family of 4 who’d had enough of the “great Aussie dream” of settling for 2.4 kids, two cars and a mortgage

We realised that that wasn’t our dream at all, but just the modern day pre-programmed template of ‘how to live.’  We reckon it’s a boring trap and there is a whole amazing life to live outside of that box… if you’re willing to open the lid and have a look. 

We especially love your checklists

That’s not to say that realising your dream and going for it is fast or easy, but we reckon it’s worth the struggle.  It’s why we are on a mission to make it easier for you, by sharing as much info as we can as we go.

We have a whole series of OZ BIG LAP guides, tools & resources dedicated to helping you on your journey (with more coming soon).


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Why Travel?

We ultimately decided to sell up and get rid of everything that wouldn’t fit into our caravan (no storage, no going back).  We wanted to embrace a minimalistic and self-sufficient lifestyle and honestly, it has been everything we’d hoped for and more. 

We have more freedom than we ever have done (not just physically, but mentally and financially as well).


We Would Say To Others…

Look around you.  Are you happy with your current life?  Are there changes that you wish for?  Are there obstacles that seem insurmountable? 

All great things start with one tiny dream.  Dream up the life you want to live, get pen to paper and start writing lists of what you want, what needs to change, small steps on how these things can become achievable.  If you want it bad enough, it will happen.


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Dreams To Reality

Our dream was a process of the dedication of a few years.  With Allan being a Truck Driver and Emma a Stay-At-Home-Mum we didn’t have savings or investments.  We were keeping afloat and we wanted more. 

We renovated things and sold them to make money, we sold as many of our possessions as we could, we renovated the house ourselves (and called in favours from mates) to maximise our profit margin. 

We were lucky enough to be able to fund our caravan and tow vehicle this way.  We moved into the in-laws backyard for over a year to modify our set-up to be fully off-grid and get a bit of savings in the bank. 

We still ended up leaving with less than we wanted, but it’s all been fine.  There are plenty of opportunities and work on the road if you look for them.


Where To Next?

We are currently House Sitting in Townsville (it’s a 6-week gig), then we are slowly moving down the East Coast.  That’s about as much as we plan. 

We love having the freedom to change a tentative plan an any given moment – it also releases any self-imposed pressures. 

Just go with the flow and enjoy life!


One Determined Family! Any Questions?

Thanks for sharing the My Rig Adventures story, Allan and Emma. If you haven’t already seen, Emma makes and sells some fantastic checklists to turn your caravanning Australia dream, into a reality!


Do you have a question for Allan or Emma? Maybe you want to know their favourite tip to save for a big caravanning Australia trip? The REAL nitty-gritty of what it’s like to travel with kids full-time? Or even how they got into house sitting on their lap? (what a great idea!) Ask them here. Allan and Emma will respond!


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