Meeting the Galapagos Tortoise in the wild: A story of discovery from a nine-year old

I’m about to go to a Tortoise Sanctuary in Ecuador, on the continent of South America, and I wonder what I might see there.   Oh dear me, I am so bad mannered.  My name is Rob, I’m nine years old and I am excited to be going to a Tortoise Sanctuary… Read more

ROBS BLOG: Visiting Central Arnhem Land

 I would like to tell you a story about what I saw when we were specially invited to Gapuwiyak in Central Arnhem Land to meet an Aboriginal family.   It has been great meeting this family because their ancestors’ have lived in Central Arnhem Land. They are here for tens… Read more

Hilarious MUST DO on the Australian Dinosaur Trail, Winton

Ben’s Chicken Stampede and Aquaponics Farm runs nightly for FREE in Winton, Queensland.  Half the profits goes to local charities!  Rainbow racing chickens – NOW we’ve seen it ALL! This video is made by Rob (Mr 8).  He had so much fun organising the filming and creating this video project… Read more

KIDS BLOG: Why Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National Park is a MUST GO place

Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National Park – the MUST GO place   Rob is an 8 year old boy and is home schooled.  Through these blogs, he can continue to progress his writing skills and towards his goal of wanting to be a published Author.     There are over 500 Limestone… Read more