Random Acts of Kindness – while travelling Australia

    Keeping other travellers on the road… My husband is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet!  He’s also a qualified Mechanic!   Kindness should always trump profits.  That’s what we want to teach our kids.   We were headed further north yesterday when we heard that fellow… Read more

About Us – Listen to the PODCAST

    Who wants to get out more and TRAVEL?   Want to know more about the real US?  Want to know the reasons behind our change to pack up our lives and throw in the white picket fence life?  Want to know HOW we did it and our thoughts… Read more

Our 44 days without power CAMPING SOLAR SET UP

    SOLAR – Running a coffee and washing machine off our free camping set up!  We have two kids so both those appliances are essential in our eyes.  A washing machine, as our kids play outside a lot and get very dirty.. often!  And coffee for sanity!!  But regular… Read more

Tragedy on the Road /// Week 46 – ARNHEM LAND TO BRISBANE

The week where everything went horrible wrong!! After 3 months exploring the amazing Arnhem Land, we decided to surprise our family with a return visit, and started to undertake the 60 hour mammoth drive from Nhulunbuy NT, all they way back to Brisbane with Kids!  BUT only 12 hours in,… Read more

SAVE on FUEL and INCREASE PERFORMANCE on our tow vehicle

How we SAVE 1.2L/100km on FUEL ($11 per tank) and INCREASE performance on our tow vehicle WATCH the VIDEO below to find out what 3 modifications Joe as a qualified mechanic choose in preparation for our amazing trip (18,000kms so far!!)   Vehicle Details: Toyota Landcruiser 2008 V8 Diesel VDJ200R… Read more

How to collect bulky firewood without a massive chainsaw

On our first lap of Australia we took the FULL chainsaw set up- spare chains, oils and fuel etc.  But after our second broken oil container (in the back of the car!), we vowed that there must be an easier way to still be able to collect firewood without the… Read more

How long does it take to set up a camper?

When deciding what rig to choose for your holidaying or travelling lifestyle, it’s incredibly important to consider how long you will be spending setting up and packing up your camping set up.  No body wants to spend hours setting up – instead of enjoying; especially if you only have a… Read more

$513 per week budget for Travelling Australia with Kids (7 months in)

  7 Month Stats, 2nd Lap of Australia – $513 per week, Family of 4 Free Camps – 33!! Low Cost or National Park – 14 Caravan Parks – 6 Home/Yard stays – 4 Most days without plugging into Power: – 44 COST OF ACCOMMODATION ………. $35 per week Weight… Read more

How much to Travel Australia?

    Money is the crucial component to any trip, but in particularly if you are looking at travelling longer term; the savings and planning needs to start well before you leave home.  Figuring out YOUR balance of having the right amount of money, really can be the difference of… Read more