COBBOLD GORGE: An Amazing Two Day Adventure

Cobbold Infinity Pain

Deep in the heart of Outback Queensland: A mesmerising system of narrow gorges, mirrored waters and towering cliffs awaits the adventurous.  Get up close and personal with the “Jewel of the Savannah” on this excellent two-day adventure.  

Day 1:

Cobbold Gorge is 6 hours away from Cairns. It is on a mostly sealed road at the start of the Savannah Way. So, be sure to prepare for a long and sometimes dusty drive in the Queensland Outback. 

The landscape changes dramatically from the farmlands of the Atherton Tablelands to the red soils of the Outback. This will surely least keep the kids occupied for some of the time.  Alternatively, break up your journey and stay at and visit nearby Einasleigh Gorge beforehand where you can visit a gorge, stay for free and enjoy cheap beers.  

Settling In

Arriving at Cobbold Gorge is like visiting an Oasis in the Desert.  After your long, dusty drive it is a welcoming relief to be greeted with many luxuries that are unheard of at most outback camps.   At Cobbold Tours settle yourself in for the afternoon to the three different cabin types:  Rouseabout Rooms, Boundary Huts, Station Suites; or if you are self-sufficient, choose their onsite camping, some available with ensuite bathrooms.

Infinity Pool Fun

Infinity edge pool and cocktail time

You do deserve some time to relax after setting up your camp or settling into your cabins in the bush.  In a Queensland first, Cobbold Gorge offers our first infinity edge pool for the state.  This one just so happens to overlook the natural beauty and tranquillity of the Gulf Savannah.  Swim up to the poolside bar complete with cocktail menu and enjoy the sun setting. 

Dinner Time

Don’t feel like cooking, no worries!  Check the nightly individual boards for a three-course dinner cooked and served poolside for you.   Even better is your meal viewed on the open-air deck under a ceiling of a million stars.   If available, try the fresh local Gulf-caught fish.  It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.   Feeling more DIY, than find BBQ’s onsite to enjoy.  Enjoy the classic outback hospitality, swap a few outback experiences and yarns around the campfire with new friends.

Jewel of the Gulf Savannah

Day 2:

The Main Event – The Gorgeous Gorge

Access to Cobbold Gorge is by guided tour only.  Book your range of tours ahead of time, and how best you want to see one of Queensland’s best natural wonders.

For the most excellent adventure into the ‘Jewel of the Gulf Savannah’, the most popular “Gorge Tour” shows you the geological formations from the cliffs above as well as by their eco boat through the narrowing gorge passageways.  This tour leaves at 10 am daily (seasonal changes apply) and goes for approximately three hours.

The tour into the Australian outback starts with a bushwalk to the top of the slope.  In this guided interactive walk, you will learn how the spring-fed gorge came to be, history of the Indigenous people and Aboriginal bush-tucker still in use today.  All this before finally being greeted to a breath-taking view of the cascading sandstone walls and mirrored waters, from the towering conglomerate cliffs above.  The real magic is in the ecological electric boats that ‘hums’ almost silently through the very narrow passages below through the gorge.  The eerie silence is only interrupted by Johnson freshwater crocodiles, sinking into the mirroring waters. Scratching of the boat edges as you push and cram your way through the small passageways.  Watch your fingers kids!  

Cobbold Gorge

Still keen to see more?

  • Try a birds-eye-view of the gorge with a scenic helicopter flight over the mesmerising sandstone walls and mirrored waters.
  • Looking for an adventure that will help you find your serenity and inner peace, the Stand-up Paddleboarding will be for you! 
  • Do you want to try your hand a find your gems?  Discover the Agate Creek gem fields only a short drive away. Fossicking licences required.
  • 4WD enthusiasts?  Check out the bush track to ‘Quartz Blow’.  
  • Head off prepared for a fabulous natural bushwalk, sight-seeing the local birdlife and natural wonders of Cobbold Gorge.


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Deep in the heart of Outback Queensland: A mesmerising system of narrow gorges, mirrored waters and towering cliffs awaits the adventurous, on this excellent two-day adventure.

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