The day I quit work to travel indefinetly & an update on what has happened one year on…




What does this face say to you?


Hopefully it should say, I’m slightly loopy to have left my safe house in the burbs and secure 9-5 job; but stuff it, I only live once & each day will matter.

Today’s the first day of not having anymore work lined up.  I’m officially (& happily) unemployed!

Today, I also start saying YES to things that push me out of my comfort zone.

YES to adventures.

YES to every request my kids have to play (as I’m no longer too busy for them) and

YES to new opportunities.


That was what I wrote on our Facebook blog on Day 1 of our adventures, but what about the future, what has it all meant for us longer term..


One year on….

I have stayed true to my commitments to live my live differently and have changed my families lives forever.  We are all much MUCH happier.  This is what has happened by  taking a leap of faith and working hard to keep myself committed to saying YES to more:

  • I am now a digital nomad that financially supports my family from a job that I secured WHILE travelling in Australia.   Having the attitude of JUST SAYING YES to more things has meant that I was bold enough to create this opportunity for myself and wasn’t afraid if they said no.  They saw the hard work and attitude I brought to the business, and I now work as a contractor for a major mining company and can complete this work anywhere in the world!

  • I still give my kids and wife the time they want and deserve from me.  I am more flexible, not as stressed and committed to give them quality time while I still can.

  • I still say YES to every adventures.  Travelling around Australia is not enough for us!  We have now booked and paid for our overseas adventures to New Zealand and South America leaving very soon.  We will be overseas for 6 months!  How is that for a leap of faith! 

  • We have started to generate a very small income from our webpage and blog.  This will never repay the hours we put in, but its great to see our plan of being full-time digital nomads being put into action! 

  • Travel and Home Schooling continues to provide our kids the best education possible.  The proof of this is seen everyday in their love of learning and the skills our kids can reproduce.


I could have been imagined where quitting my secure Brisbane Job could have taken us.  I dreamed it would happen, put in a lot of hard work behind the scenes and made difficult decisions to live outside the box.  I wonder where two years on will take us?  What’s your guess?


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