13 Easy Campfire Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Are you looking for camping recipes for your upcoming camping trip? Then look no further! These are the best and the easy campfire breakfast recipes that you can find online.

We have tested each and every one of these and are so extra easy peasy that you won’t have to fuss and the bonus is you minimise the cleanup! We have added not only the classic campfire recipes but camping food hacks you can try in a jiffy. Sounds good? Here they are!

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1. Easy Campfire Breakfast Burritos

1. breakfast-burrito

Campfire breakfast burritos are quick and easy classic camping food. Whip yourself up some scrambled eggs, salt to taste and roast any ingredients you love – choose capsicum or tomato for a vegetarian camping food option or ham and sprinkle with cheese for the classic morning breakfast burrito. You can toast the flour tortilla separately or wrap them up in foil and cook them on hot coals. Either way, both will give you minimal washing up.

2. Gourmet Camping Bacon and Egg Cups

Camping Food Ideas and Camping Snacks and Camping Meals

Gourmet Camping Bacon and Egg Cups look complicated at first glance, but I assure you there super simple. The trick is making sure the muffin trays for a family or singular camping pots are liberally brushed with butter. Wrap the bacon around the cups of the muffin tray and pour in your egg mixture. Throw in your favourite veggies, meats and some delicious pepper to taste.

3. Classic Campfire Egg-In-A-Hole

3. Egg in a hole

Egg-In-A-Hole or Frog-In-A-Pocket whatever you want to call this classic, it can be revved up in a jiffy! It’s a great, simple camping meal idea! All you need is a piece of toast, carve a nice hole on it and dump your tasty egg in the middle. Salt to taste and do your eggs over easy or sunny side up.


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4. One Tin Camping French Toast

4. French Toast

French Toast is delicious when hot, but since when is this an at home recipe only! For this tasty one pan camping food idea that feeds a whole family, all you need is pre-sliced fresh bread, a bread tin tray and your favourite french toast eggy mix. Wrap the fresh bread loaf in wax paper first, pour over your vanilla-eggy mix, then wrap in a thick set of foil. Once you do, throw it in your cast iron pan or bread tin and toast over a hot fire. Heat each side for around 10 minutes, then open top side and add some syrup, powdered sugar and some fruit preserves. Even the pickiest of kids will love this one pan winner. Yum! Here’s the full recipe.

5. Delish Camping Tin Foil Swagman Breakfast

Camping Meals Camping Snacks

Tin Foil Swagman is a do whatever you want and add anything you want type of breakfast. For this classic camping food idea, what you need is a sturdy tin foil wrap. Double it up when you can. This is where you get creative. Add in your choice of campfire breakfast for the day! Add hash browns, eggs, hams, bacon, meats, sausages and whatever delicious savouriness you want and roast over coals or a fire.

6. Camp Stove Stuffed Croissant

6. Stuffed Croissant

Here’s an easy campfire recipe that no one can fail and is sure to please all! All you need is pre-bought croissants, toasted or warmed any campfire way you want, slice in the middle and add your favourite breakfast stuffing like ham and cheese or roasted vegetables for the Vegetarian camping food idea. We like scrambled eggs ourselves.


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. R

7. Balinese Pancakes

7.Bali Pancakes

Balinese Pancakes. We first ate these delicious pancakes in you guessed it, Bali while backpacking with kids. These are scrumptious, delicious and hearty. Want to try it? All you need is any type of thin pancake mixture of your choosing. We prefer wholemeal flour for better health. Cook on one side and add coconut and bananas on the soft, uncooked side. Flip that yummy pancake, until the bananas caramelise’ and the coconut crisps. The flavour already added into the batter means you don’t have to give kids sticky syrups if you dont want which also makes the perfect in the car and on the go snack.

8. Sweet CampFire Bread and Butter Pudding

8. bread butter pudding

Bread and Butter Pudding can be done in an oven, but if you want this hot dessert food, here’s one of our best camping food hacks. Slather some smooth butter on both sides of the toasts and arrange one on top of the other in a row on a bake dish or campfire cast iron cooking pot. Pour a well-wipped mixture of vanilla, eggs, cinnamon, milk, sugar and cream. Cover the entire thing in tin foil and cook for 30 mins.

9. Tasty Camping Jaffles

Jaffles can be scrumptious breakfast or afternoon snacks. They’re flexible like that. All you need is a jaffle iron and your favourite sandwich buttered outside. If you want camping food on a budget and don’t have that jaffle iron, all you need is our trusty tin foil and cook it on a pan. Our favourite is beans and cheese – too easy!


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10. CampFire Ham & Egg Rolls

10. Ham & Egg Rolls

This is a modified version of the Bacon and Egg Cups, which we admit is one of the best tent camping meals. Instead of a muffin pan, make some bread bowls from bread rolls. Add some ham and cheese and plop some eggs in. Wrap in foil and cook on a deep, closed pan. The clean up on this one is next to nothing.

11. No-Cook Camping Cereal

11. No Cook Cereal

Budget Camping? No time? Cereals. Fruits. Nuts. Milk. Let’s make family camping easier so we can all be out enjoying the great outdoors instead.

12. CampFire Porridge

12. campfire porridge

Campfire Kitchen has a nice recipe on this. You can premake the mixture and store in a ziplock. When you’re ready, boil some water and add it to your mixture. Let it sit and enjoy one of the great premade meal ideas for a camping trip!

13. CampFire Banana Sandwich

13.Banana Sandwiches

Prep a pair of crunchy toasts. Add some sliced bananas, some peanut butter or caramel sauce in between. You can either go no-cook or well-toasted, making it one of the easy camping meals for large groups.

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