Ecotravel for maximum adventure & minimum earth impact : Meet all the Australian Travel Blogs set on inspiring you in 2019!

Do you feel the shift in our attitude in Australia drifting away from using plastics and non-recyclables – and finally heading back into green living? I sure as, thankfully do!! And my kids do too!

Looking beyond our home recycling is a fast-growing movement into Ecotravel. If you are as keen as us on responsible tourism and easy eco-friendly solutions, then meet The Earth Travellers.

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Happy Earth Travellers are set for “maximum travel, minimal impact”


Who are the Earth Travellers?

I’m Melissa and I’m travelling with my partner, Toby. We are both 26 years old and are from opposite sides of Australia.

We met in 2014 on a month-long tour of Africa. Continuing with our separate travel plans we met up again a few months later in Croatia.

Toby missed me so much he abandoned his plans to travel to Central America and flew to Europe to backpack with me instead! How romantic is that? Two months after that I decided to return his romantic gesture and move over to live with him. We have been together ever since.


And now…

Now we are travelling around Australia in a Landcruiser Troopcarrier for a year.

We will be documenting our travels along the way on our blog The Earth Travellers. The aim of our blog is to give people practical tips on travelling in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


We love travel, you love travel – let’s all GO… TRAVELLING!


Toby and I love to travel. We have travelled overseas every year for six years now. Travelling is such a great learning experience and mind broadening tool. We are learning something everyday that we would not have had the chance to in ‘normal’ life.

We chose to travel Australia one weekend when we were out on a particularly lovely bush-walk and I thought, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could do this and feel this way every day? The idea stuck and after one year of planning we left home.

We felt stuck in a life that was determined by society and so we decided to make the most of our lives and travel while we are young instead of waiting until we are of retirement age; or with young kids (although more and more young couples seem to be travelling now). One month in, we could not be happier with this decision.


Your best advice?

If you are travelling for an extended period – allow yourselves plenty of time. Factor in time for exploration as well as downtime, and lots of it.

We have found that we were so busy trying to see and do everything that we forgot to allow time to read, write and relax. This is still a holiday after all. So take it slow and spend two nights somewhere at least once a week, if you are travelling long term, to make sure you don’t burn out.

There is a surprising amount of domestic tasks that take longer on the road than in a house. Everything has to be done by hand, the dishes, the laundry, packing up camp, setting up the bed each night and repacking the fridge. These tasks can take up a good portion of your day which, along with sightseeing, leaves very little time for hobbies and relaxation.


Making your dream a reality.

After we made the decision to travel Australia long term, I applied for and was successful in gaining a higher paying temporary position in the organisation I worked for. The end date for this temporary contract meant we had a departure date, I wouldn’t have to resign and we would have more money to save from the higher pay.

Toby’s work place (he is a chef) was pretty accepting of their workers travelling so they were fine when he let them know he would be working until November.

We saved for a year, brought our Troopcarrier six months before we left and started downsize our belongings in our rental house. There was a lot to organise but we seem to have done it well as we have not missed a thing since being on the road.


Tell us your epic 12 month Earth Travels!

We will be travelling Australia for twelve months. We have already travelled from Sydney to Melbourne and are now travelling around Tasmania for a month. Once we get back to the mainland we will be heading slowly across South Australia to Western Australia.

My parents live on the south coast of Western Australia so we will spend a month with them before heading up the coast to the Kimberly region to miss the winter.

Our route then takes us into the Northern Territory, down to Uluru and into Queensland. We will be tackling Cape York and beginning the home stretch back to our starting point of the Blue Mountains, which is where Toby’s Parents live.

After that we have no idea. I will be interested to see where we end up.


Two travellers, one great story! Any questions?

Thanks for sharing your story The Earth Travellers. I’ve been busy surfing your webpage for more tips on sustainable travel for my travel mad fam!


Do you have a question for our Earth Travellers? Maybe you would like to know their favourite tips on being EcoTravellers? What particular eco-friendly products they use? Or even how they manage to save money by living greener? Ask them here. Melissa will respond!

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