Ultimate List of Free Educational Apps Online for Homeschooling

Homeschool Australia Education Free Apps

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“Not all screen time is wasted time.”

Parents tend to be wary when kids play mobile games apps. We agree! It’s up to us parents to make sure we take care of what media our kids consume. We want our children to learn whilst they’re young.  FREE educational apps are heaven-sent for a number of reasons to supplement homeschooling Australia, distant education and all kids to progress their learning outcomes and experiences. 

All of these apps and top educational sites are kid-friendly, easy to use and gives a world of education and interactivity. We’re pretty sure your kids will love these!

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Free Apps for children aged 5-8

Busy Things

Busy Things

Busy Things is a world of fun for children aged 3 – 11 years. With over 150 activities to discover in the areas of literacy, numeracy, creative development and general knowledge, learning has never been so silly! 

Take your pick between quick-fire quizzes about time, how the solar system works and even fractions! The colourful pictures are cute and interactive, so you get fun and learning packed in one.

Try Busy Things for free.  Gain a free full membership through your local participating libraries. 

Out and About
Out And About Sight Words

We love the materials usable for homeschooling Queensland offers to families like us. Out and About speaks to us in many ways as well!

Out and About is a “sight words” learning app that can help your kids learn how works look like. Use their interactive educational materials to spell simple words whilst journeying on a red car.

Developed by the Department of Education, it’s aimed at Prep to Year 2 students.  Learning words can be simpler and more colourful than this!

The game is available on both iOS and Android, so take a look. Also be sure to check out the great FREE flashcards and placemats!

Telling Time Trial Version

Interactive Telling Time

Teaching kids how to tell time is a traditional hurdle for home schooling Australia. Telling time is a combination of numbers and associations, so we need something easy to help the young ones learn it easier.

Interactive Telling Time is great for kids from ages 3 to 12 and comes in 5 difficulty levels so that it helps kids master telling time progressively. You can set the time, teach the concept of hours and minutes and even day and night time!

As they progress with this free trial educational app, your kids can test their knowledge with simple interactive quizzes. How’s that for telling time? 

You can find this app on iOS.

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Shutterbugs Wiggle and Stomp

Shutterbugs Wiggle and Stomp Life Science App

Our kids have a natural affinity for animals. They loved it when we brought them to the aquarium in one of our travels! Your kids should enjoy them as well. 

Shutterbug is a free educational app suitable for children aged 4 to 7. It teaches students how to describe movement and motion while visiting rare animals at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park.

Take pictures of the animals in-game and learn how they spend their days. Each animal even has colouring-page printouts, so you can print and colour your favourite critter! 

Literacy Planet

Literacy Planet Reading App

Literacy Planet brings together curriculum aligned literacy education and mixes it with online homeschooling Australia offers. There’s a lot of things to do on the site, so you’re in for a wonderful surprise.

Whether for early reading skills or advanced grammar, LiteracyPlanet will provide your child with a learning adventure.  Literacy Planet is there to help them develop excellent English literacy skills with fun activities!

Try it for free!  Gain a free full membership through your local participating libraries.

Homeschool Australia Education Free Apps

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Go Noodle

GoNoodle gets over 12 million kids moving to be their strongest, bravest, silliest, smartest, bestest selves. They teach not only educational stuff like vocab and maths, they also help teach mindfulness and purposeful movement.

We think this little freebie promotes healthy little bodies and improves behaviour and attention, so they’re highly recommended. Go Noodle is a top educational app that is fun for all ages! It even goes well with homeschooling kids’ socialisation.

Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad 

Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad

Colourful shapes and movements can help with visual stimulation for the kids. Do you remember those Kaleidoscopes as a kid?  Well now its an app!

The Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad is what it says on the tin. It’s a gorgeous kaleidoscope with this cute little drawing pad. You and your kids can create an incredibly beautiful kaleidoscope painting. All you need is a few extra strokes!

The shapes are gorgeous and the colours are dazzling. If your kids are home schooling in Australia, the Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad is an awesome in-between activity to relax their minds.

Mandala Coloring 

Mandala Coloring Pages Games iOS

Another great little art game to keep those little minds active and creative! Mandala Coloring Pages is a gorgeous colouring book style app for all ages.

Kids and adults alike would enjoy this colourful art. It’s got a ton of designs to colour before you even need to buy the full version. We do it together with the family to ease our minds after a long day of home schooling QLD kids! They’re easy and mindful, so Mandala Coloring is something you can do to de-stress!

Teach your Monster to Read

Teach Your Monster To Read

If you only want to download one educational app for little kids, then this is it.  Teach Your Monster to Read is a fun and interactive game that plays more like your traditional gaming apps than your average free educational apps.

They wanted to make learning fun and they sure did achieve that in this interactive game suitable for to 8-year-olds.  Best of all, the computer version is free!

It was so good we ended up buying the App to make it more easily accessible to our younglings. It’s available for iOS and Android, so give it a look now. It’s one of the last educational apps you will need.

Add reading to the other benefits of home schooling your kids and you get a holistic education that prepares them for the world ahead.


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Scratch Jr 

Scratch Jr Interactive Story Coding App


Are your kids the creator types who like to fiddle around whilst doing online homeschooling in Australia? Coding is the new literacy!

With ScratchJr, young children (ages 5-7) are taught to create interactive stories and games, even code with objects!  The aim is to teach the kids skills they can use every day!

Learn to solve problems, design projects, and express themselves creatively on the computer. Scratch Jr is highly interactive and object-based, so they can drag and drop scenarios and make it into full-fledged stories!

How the story ends is up to their imagination.

10 Monkeys

10 Monkeys Maths iOS

Monkeys! Our kids love monkeys, so you can imagine how fun it is to do maths with them.

10Monkeys is there to teach children aged 4-10 years traditional maths with our furry friends as their guide. There’s a different 3D monkey for every job, so there’s a lot to learn as well!

Try for free.  Check with your local participating libraries for a free membership.

Free Educational Apps for Kids Aged 8-10

ABC Education

ABC Education

Not an app, but an online free ABC Education resource that brings thousands of videos, games and programs to your Primary and Secondary students.

ABC ME’s Education broadcasts educational TV programs weekdays from 10.00am – 12.00pm during the school term too! Use it to help your homeschooling Australia children get with the program better, easier!

Smithsonian Showbiz Safari

Showbiz Safari Life Science Smithsonian

Here’s another one of those non-traditional free educational apps we love! Showbiz Safari is an educational life science app that teaches kids about various animals, their habitats and various plants in a cheesy manner.

In the game, you help a walrus director find the right actors by identifying the who’s who amongst the animals.  Suitable for 6 to 9-year-olds, the Showbiz Safari is available on both iOS and Android. 


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Quick Maths

Quick Maths Draw to Answer

Free learning apps can’t be easier than this. Quick Maths helps children with their arithmetic sense with a quiz type maths app. No need to choose between a choice of numbers! All you need to do is doodle the number.

Suitable for children over 5 to adults – who doesn’t like a competitive little game!  We ended up buying the full version of this for just $8.


Scratch Coding Story App

We’ve talked about Scratch Jr for the little ones. This one is for the older brothers and sisters!

Scratch is an interactive programming educational app where 7 and up kids learn to write in a programming language by creating stories, games and animations.

It offers fuller interactivity for the older kids, so they’re not getting exactly the same scenarios. 


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Word Chum – Trial 

Word Chums Scrabble App

We as adults love crossword puzzles. You know what’s better than that? Crosswords for kids! 

Word chum helps kids expand their vocabulary by letting them discover different letter combinations. Tap any word to see its definitions. It’s an easy, smart educational app that can help improve comprehension with a few sessions.

Smithsonian BumperDucks

Bumper Ducks Physics Learning

Smithsonian gets a lot of love from our articles, and for a good reason! They’re making homeschooling QLD kids much easier with their free learning apps.

BumperDucks is an educational physical science game that teaches what happens when two things collide! Its interactive physics engine is awesome. Physics is hard to teach even to older children, but seeing it happen with your own eyes? That’s easy.

Disaster Detector

Disaster Detector Emergency Preparedness Game

We love ingenious educational apps that teach other life skills to our children. Disaster Detector is exactly what we love.

This one of many Smithsonian apps in this list teaches players how to analyze and interpret data on natural hazards. It’s a combination of instrumentation, correlation and data gathering all packed in one cool free app.

Suitable for ages 8 to 14 and available in both Android and iOS.


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Morphy Survival Game

Understanding how the world works is crucial to a kid in homeschooling Australia. Morphy is just that!

Morphy lets you roleplay as an alien stuck on Earth. You survive by trying to understand how the animals around you live and survive. Meet creatures and understand why their body is like that!

Morphy is suitable for ages 8 to 10 and available on your Apple Store and Play Store.


Aquation Freshwater Access Game

Understanding how valuable resources are is important for a child’s overall development. Aquation is the perfect app for that.

Aquation is a simple economics app that teaches kids the value of resources to a country’s survival and how they can make a difference. Control where the water flows and strategise how to go about problems many leaders have. Kids even need to balance their budgets!

Great for Grade 5 kids and up.

Rainforest Coding

Rainforest Coding App

Scratch is a building block to learning more advanced code. Rainforest Coding is there to help make it better. It teaches Scratch from the very beginning, with a logical and sequential manner.

Rainforest also helps teach more advanced coding techniques such as define blocks, conditional statements, cloning, variables and access to the new Python coding.

Try for free with your local libraries.

SkyView Lite

Skyview Lite Constellation App

Are your kids interested about the stars and constellations? Skyview Lite is an easy to use constellation app that helps kids learn and find constellations. It provides everything a stargazer would want!

Skyview shows an overview of popular constellations, heavenly bodies and even get notifications of stargazing events. There’s a lot of tools packed in this super simple app, so it’s a must download!

The Voyage to Van Diemens Land

The Voyage to Van Diemens Land

If you like free learning apps in history, the Voyage is what you want.

It’s an interactive point and click adventure game that simulates the first voyages to Tasmania and how they worked their way towards the new lands! From choosing the captain to loading the provisions, you’ll be taking care of your entire crew.

They need your steady hand to help them through the annals of Australian history!

Drawing Desk – Trial Version

Drawing Desk Draw and Paint Art

We like teaching our kids how to draw if we are at home schooling QLD. That’s why having a robust drawing app for all ages is crucial for them to unlock their hidden art skills.

Drawing Desk is a drawing app that acts as a canvas for various styles of drawing. If you want rich watercolor style palettes, cutesy crayon-style colouring for little kids or even photo-art, it’s there for you.

Sketch and doodle like a pro with Drawing Desk! Suitable for all ages.

Grid Club 

More of a collection of free educational games than an actual learning app, the Grid Club website has 500+ curriculum games and activities ideal for school and home.

The sheer amount of short games is enormous, and the art style is reminiscent of classic Nickelodeon shows we loved as kids. Pick one game from the hundreds of educational options and start your kids right.

Grid Club is a learning and gaming wonderland for the entire family.


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YouTube Kids

Youtube Kids

Youtube as a website is equal parts educational and entertaining, but it’s hard to watch over which channels your kids watch every hour of the day!

That’s why we’re glad that the people over at Google decided to make Youtube Kids – a fully family-friendly, child-friendly video sharing space for kids. Your kids can surf all they want without you having to worry which side of Youtube they veer to.

Education and entertainment need not be hard. Youtube Kids is enough for your kids edutainment needs.

Free Online Resources for Children 11-13 years and older

Google Earth

Google Earth Chrome

The globe is a nifty, albeit a bit dated piece of educational equipment these days. That’s especially the case if you have access to Google Earth at the end of your fingertips.

Earth is one of the best projects that Google has ever done, mapping out as much of the known world as possible. It lets you zoom in and out of any country that you wish to see. You get to travel the entire world whilst doing online homeschooling Australia.

Combine it with Google Maps and Google Street View and see different cultures as if you were there! This is one of the top educational apps out there and we highly recommend it to anyone of any age! This educates your children beyond the four walls of a classroom.

Garage Band

GarageBand Music App

Music is a natural learning device for growing children, so teaching them to love it helps. For iOS users, we recommend getting Garage Band with your Apple products. It turns your ordinary Apple device into a full-fledged recording studio, with digital instruments to boot!

Play the keyboard, do a live loop and build beats with just a push of a button. Garage Band is not only entertaining, it’s educational as well. Give this app to them until they’re responsible enough for an actual guitar.

Garage Band is awesome and we love it!


Duolingo Language Learning

Learning a new language can get intimidating, and some homeschooling Australia offers are too unintuitive for kids. Duolingo solves that problem for both kids and adults alike.

Duolingo is an interactive language learning app where you can self-teach yourself any language you want. Learn Italian, French, Japanese or even brush up on your English!

It has simple interactive quizzes that teach you language and context word per word. Pick a language and learn with others! Duolingo is one of the top educational apps when it comes to language learning.


Mango Language Learning

When we said Duolingo is one of the top educational apps when it comes to language learning, Mango is the best and closest competition.

Mango approaches the entire learning course different from Duolingo. While Duolingo focuses on ease of learning and interactivity so that the reader never gets bored, Mango focuses on real-world uses and nuance.

They’re interactive too, but their focus is making sure the language you learn is usable outside the school app. They’re both great apps and we enjoyed Mango as much as Duolingo. It’s just a matter of choice for your younglings!

Khan Academy

Khan Academy for Kids

We will make a bold statement here, so we’re telling way ahead to excuse ourselves. Khan Academy is the ultimate academic resource in the world and nothing comes close. It is the perfect home schooling QLD parents can give their kids.

Khan Academy contains videos and resources on nearly any academic subject on different levels of understanding. They’re the website equivalent of a library of textbooks – but fun and easy to understand!

They simplify complex ideas into an easy to understand theme that you can consume at your own pace. Khan Academy is a wonderful learning tool for all ages, and there’s almost nothing better we can recommend.

Free Online Courses for Kids 13 years and over



Teaching your older kids life skills is an important step to their adult life. Whatever path they choose, you want them well equipped with the right skillset to grow with. Udemy is exactly that.

You can find thousands of different tutorials for different life skills that they can use in the real world.

Learn how to write like a master. Sew like an experienced seamstress. Cook like a pro. Learn the ins and outs of media production.

Every life skill that you think you might need, you can learn from experts themselves through Udemy.


Alison Free Education

If Udemy is for life skills, Alison is for academic skills. If you want to have a certificate on a certain field or get an online diploma, Alison is where you go.

Alison is one of the biggest free online education sites in the world, backed by big names in the industry like MIT, Stanford and Microsoft. They offer full courses for free and ship certificates and diplomas globally.

Your kids and you adults will enjoy this awesome free online education platform, so registration with them is a must-do!


Open2Study Free Courses

Open2Study is another free learning app and educational platform that you should take for both you and your kids. It is specifically targeted towards homeschooling Australia people who would want to learn at their own pace.

Once you’ve learned enough and want your own open university degree, you can move forward with different Australian open universities to choose from! Get an online degree from Macquarie University, Flinders University, James Cook University Australia and many others.

If your kids are ready to choose the right path for them, start with Open2Study.



The internet is ripe with information, and all of these can lead to wonderful careers later in life. Coursera is much like Open2Study, but it focuses more on the online degree learning.

As with all of the learning platforms, they provide a gamut of free learning apps and free educational courses. The big focus, however, are their affiliate degrees.

Wherever you are in the world, Coursera can get you degrees from any major university in the USA like John Hopkins University, Duke University, University of Illinois and many more.

If your kids are looking for a globally competitive future after homeschooling QLD, Coursera is the choice.



You might be curious why we’re linking you to a paid tutoring platform, but hear us out. Studiosity is a great place to help your young adults get proper feedback from course experts in different subjects, even in writing!

A life hack we like to offer is their free practice tests and quizzes. There are hundreds of these practice tests available in their site for different courses, subjects and categories. They’re preparatory too, so you can expect them to come up in academic testing, exams and top education curriculum.

Give their site a quick look and see what services and free testing you think can help your young adults sharpen their academic skills.

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