Have baby, will travel! : Meet the Australian Travel Blogs set on inspiring you in 2019.

Baby travel is possible! Yes, you did indeed read that correctly!! And in fact, the benefits and bonds you and your children gain from baby travel, is astounding!

Our family have travelled full-time in Australia and overseas with a baby and toddler in tow. Just like our next guest posters, A Big Peachey Adventure who is doing it RIGHT NOW caravanning Australia!

BUT NOT ONLY do they travel with a baby and young children; they also blog to inspire you, are building a Family Friendly House Sitters business, AND interview other travelling families on their Podcast show! Stay tuned – our travel story is coming to their Podcast soon!

READ MORE about how A Big Peachey Adventure is set on inspiring you to take on baby travel and MORE in 2019.



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Meet Nat & Michael Peachey

We’re ‘A Big Peachey Adventure’, the Peachey family of five – Michael, Natalie, Chloe (7), Elliot (5) and Edward (1) from the Adelaide Hills. We’ve been full-time adventuring since Feb’ 2018 and LOVE this lifestyle.

We inspire you…

We don’t think that this should just be a crazy daydream for the average person. Our goal, through our blog and podcast, is to show you that you don’t need to be super-rich or a grey nomad to do what we’re doing!

We also love sharing the stories of other travelling families. We have just launched a new project ‘Family Friendly House Sitters’, the only family focused house sitting community connecting home-owners with families who want to house sit!


Why We Travel

We are the typical family, and we were living the typical life.  We worked hard to buy a house before we had kids. Then I stayed at home in our house full of nice things and looked after the kids while Michael worked hard and long hours.  We never saw him.

We were all struggling in our own ways with burn out and decided to make drastic changes. We found minimalism and applied it in all areas of our life.

This natural downsizing lead me to thinking about caravan life… which lead me to Trip In A Van, which lead us to decide on a whim… at 6 months pregnant with our third child… that we would do it too!

We commented the other day that our life now is ANYTHING but normal.


We’d Say To Others …

To other families that are considering ‘taking that trip’ we say don’t let fear hold you back! Discuss the worst things that could happen if you were to follow your dreams. We bet they’re not actually that bad when you compare it to all you will gain.

Then, if you decide to do it, set a date that you will stick to… and then trust that the Universe has your back and things will fall into place.

We have been stunned time and time again at how a new world of opportunity has opened up to us just for being brave enough to say ‘yep, we’re doing it’!


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Dreams To Reality

As we mentioned before, we decided within hours of watching Trip In A Van’s adventures that we were going to ‘do a lap’. We worked out a date we would leave (after the birth of my nephew) which was 6 months away, then worked out the steps we would do to work towards that departure date.

We began selling and donating all our stuff, worked out how we could earn an income while travelling (a mix of working and leave entitlements), and working out our caravan and tow vehicle.

During that time we also welcomed Edward, our third child, into the family.  Decluttering with a newborn wasn’t easy, and there were times when I didn’t think that we would be able to pull the whole thing off… but we did!

It was the best feeling ever finally pulling away from our house after all the hard work.


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Where To Next?

Our initial plans were for a 12 month lap and return to Adelaide in time for the new school year in 2019. That’s not going to happen!

With 3 kids and a huge country to explore (and some poor planning with seasons on our behalf) we realise we travel super slow.  We are currently in Darwin and will remain here house sitting for the wet season.

We have so many ideas about 2019 and where to next… but no concrete ones! We are excited about exploring the West Coast but also have discussed skipping over to Asia.

Once you leave the comfort of your bricks and mortar home, going anywhere or doing anything your heart desires seems nowhere near as daunting.


Do you Have Any Questions For Them?

Thank you A Big Peachey Adventure for sharing your story! I particular love how you ‘Just said YES’, didn’t wait for your kids to be the “perfect” age and embraced full-time baby travel! Unstoppable family right here!


Do you have a question for Michael & Nat?

Want to find out more information about their Family Friendly House Sitter website? What it’s truly like travelling with a baby? Or maybe their best tip to keep a baby occupied on the go?

Ask them here. Michael & Nat will respond!


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