Homeschooling How To: Strategy for the reluctant learner

The key to homeschooling your child is empowerment and inspiration.  We discuss our long-term strategy that transformed our reluctant learner to home education master.

Educate and inspire your kids on their choices, and majority of the time they’ll choose the best path you would have chosen for them anyway! 


Empowered with knowledge, kids CAN take responsibility for their own education.  And when they do, they tend to grasp it by both hands, run with it and far exceed your own expectations of them. 



This is our third year of home schooling and we started out ROCKY to say the least! 

Completely my fault.  I did what most newbies do when starting their homeschooling journey.  I tried to mimic the classroom setting.  It’s a common misconception that you need to repeat the same environment that you likely grew up in, and is the common tradition classroom setting.  Not surprisingly, we had objections, tantrums and I could see that our close-knit family relationship could break down.  If you can see this happening in your family, it’s time to stop and re-think your home education strategy.


Instead we decided to educate them on being educated

Instead we decided to educate our children, OT on the curriculum, but on ALL the reasons WHY we LEARN.  This can be thought of giving them the steering wheel to control their own pathway.  Stepping back for a while can be extremely difficult to start, especially when were talking about giving your kids the power.  I struggled with this greatly (I could be a control freak at time!), however after a two month period, we started to notice a HUGE shift in our children’s want to learn.  Of course there were times they would rather be playing an X-Box and not doing their English work.  We persevered with educating them with their choices.  Will sitting down play X-Box all day take you to where you want to be in life?

Botanical Garden


When we started to focus on instilling the LOVE OF LEARNING and even as importantly, replicating those same values ourselves; everything else just fell into place.

It’s Sunday morning and the second last day of school holidays for some!  There’s kids scooting by and running to the pool where we’re staying (aka the BEST CARAVAN PARK in Australia!), but Rob and Abby have decided to teach themselves additional skills, all before heading to the pool!

Their education doesn’t fit into a school schedule anymore. We break when others are at school, we educate when others are on holidays. Learning is now our life, our kids are thriving and most importantly, are empowered by the lifelong skill to LOVE LEARNING!

Rob wants to be an author.  He currently sits above his grade level for English – he is determined!  He also knows that coming up soon, together we all need to compile their end of year home school reports, choose their new books and resources and decide on what additional skills we will ALL achieve together for next year!  These are always our rough guides, as each year we end up learning so much more than we ever thought!

This is US. This is how WE EDUCATE. Love our family. Love this Life!


The key to homeschooling your child is empowerment and inspiration.  We discuss our long-term strategy that transformed our reluctant learner to home education master.

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