How long does it take to set up a camper?

When deciding what rig to choose for your holidaying or travelling lifestyle, it’s incredibly important to consider how long you will be spending setting up and packing up your camping set up.  No body wants to spend hours setting up – instead of enjoying; especially if you only have a weekend or few days in each camping spot.

Pop up campers usually get a bit of a bad wrap in comparison to full size caravans.  There is extra work of putting down the legs, popping up the roof and pulling out the beds, but with a bit of forward planning, you too can minimise the time setting up.  We have found the pop up offroad camper perfect for our travels and lifestyle.  Our Goldstream is compact enough to get everywhere a camper trailer can go, but with the added comfort of a couch and keeping things stored in cupboards (without having to move everything mid trip)!

In this video we show how we manage to set up a camper in 11 minutes, but we are happy to report that Joe alone can now fully set the van up in just over 8 minutes!!!  We’ve had a lot of practice to make that time!

Our top suggestions for setting up a camper quickly are:

  1.  Create a tool to that means to more hand winding.  For more information, see this link: 
  2. Use drills (we love Ryobi!) and an adaption to wind your legs down without breaking a sweat!
  3. Have everything inside possible on a swivel mount.  For example, our TV just pops up and down off the couch backing using just a TV bracket.
  4. Involve the kids.  It takes them a while to get use to, but its extremely handy having someone pass you poles.

If you would like to know more about living in a camper, feel free to comment below or connect in with us on our social medias.  Watch the video below or click to full view and remember to SUBSCRIBE to our channel.


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