How to Add Power Supply to a Camper

Hooking up a DC to DC charger for your camper trailer requires a lot of extra safety precautions.  If you’re camping or caravanning around Australia, this is super important stuff.  You wouldn’t want to burn through to your engine bay when you’re on the road, especially if the next town’s a few dozen kilometres away!

In this video, Joe who is a Qualified Mechanic and Auto Electrician is showing you how we added power supply to a camper.  We are wiring up a new 2018 Holden Colorado for a DC to DC charger in the slide on camper.

We also take you through the steps of running a heavy gauge power cable from the engine bay through the chassis, covering some simple do’s and do not’s of automotive electrics.  We’ll teach you the importance of a fuse box and some easy safety hacks to prevent shorting from your live wire.

This video could save you a ton of time and $$$!  Prevent some common mistakes people make that result to electrical fires from short circuit.  Don’t worry, what we’re teaching won’t cost you a fortune, so let’s do this.  Sit down, open up your engine bay, prep your camper and take a look.




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