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New Years last year, the reality of settling for another year of the same old routine was starting to hit us like a ton of bricks!

But, HOW could this be possible!?  We’d already taken a trip around Australia, and we were supposedly settling with a nice home on a large block ‘living the great Australian dream’ already!

But deep down neither of us were happy.  We absolutely knew that we were missing the best parts of our kids lives, the crucial time when they actually WANTED to be around US!  But instead we were giving away (way too much) of our time on jobs, debt, endless chores, needless commitments, over complicated lives and mundane.

So on New Years Day last year, WE CHOOSE to live by one motto:


Just say YES !!

These 3 words is all it took to change our families lives to be filled with love, learning, adventure, laughter and loads of fun !

Just say YES!, has taken us to travelling the world indefinitely, spending the most quality time possible with each other and our kids, and truly finding OUR extremely happy place.

This is how it works:

  • If there is something you’ve always truely wanted and can achieve in your life. Then “Just say YES”

  • If your invited to do something, even if it’s out of your comfort zone and your first reaction is a YES. Then stop overthinking it and “Just say YES!”

  •  If there’s a task to complete that’s been hanging over your head. Stop putting it off and “Just say YES”

  • If there is somewhere that you have always wanted to visit, see, learn or do. Then “Just say YES”

Just say YES!, is about stop putting things off for later and stop overthinking the situation. Unclutter the house NOW, take the walk to see that mountain range and sunrise NOW, play with the kids NOW. For all those major things, if it’s what you truly want, get the quickest plan together to get you to your goal ASAP and Just say YES!

We made our major life change in 75 days & couldn’t be happier for it!

Because we JUST SAY YES, we’ve experienced rarely seen beaches in the remotest parts of Arnhem Land, swum under the most exhilarating waterfalls, our kids have been mentored by a pilot, a museum curator, a ranger and even the top Dinosaur fossil finding family, when we were invited out to see their private dinosaur collection! We’ve meet the most incredible people, laughed a ton and every day experienced the most amazing education, landscapes, animals, sunrises and sunsets that we ever would have, if we had settled for another year of same same.

Where could Just say YES! TAKE YOU, next year??

YELL THEM loud and proud at me!  Send us a comment below or connect with us on our social medias.

DO NOT wait for luck or chance. Don’t settle, stop overthinking and go make your own luck. ATTITUDE is EVERTHING.

It doesn’t need to be travel related – but hey a bit more adventure and fun never hurt anyone!

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