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Our AMAZING, AWESOME and HUGE day to Kuranda

What better way to return from our amazing but HUGE (aka tiring, massive, brilliant, fantastic!) journey in Kuranda, but by relaxing on the 120 year old Kuranda Scenic Railway line back to Cairns! Who else has experienced this amazing feat of engineering? The utter highlight is the train and track itself!

During construction of this 75 kilometre railway track, over 2.3 million cubic metres of earth was moved from the dense jungle using only dynamite, hand tools, buckets and BARE HANDS! Such an enormous undertaking, that 32 men died due to the conditions and accidents on slopes of up to 45 degrees and heights over 300 metres!

Such a stark contrast to us sitting in the comfort of the train carriage and trying our best to be able to explain the magnitude and disasters of the project to the kids!


The views coming back down from Kuranda we’re amazing! Your treated with a passing of Stoney Creek Falls from the three tier high bridge (another amazing piece of construction!), and what the kids loved the most was the 180 degree turn around Horseshoe Bend where they could see the front and rear of the train!


Thank you so much Kuranda Scenic Railway for welcoming us aboard. Kuranda really was an AMAZING, AWESOME and HUGE day. The kids lasted the majority of the experience, but the little nana nap at the end was well deserved!

We are still exploring the Cairns, Queensland, Australia region as there is just so much to see and do.  Stay tuned for more Tropical North Queensland experiences and things to do.


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