VIDEO: Free Camping on the Leichhardt River Falls, Queensland

This week we wanted to show you a fantastic FREE CAMP at Leichhardt River Falls. We discovered this while travelling along the Savannah Way near Normanton, Queensland.

Here you will find the Leichhardt River Falls peaceful and quiet for not a single dollar spent out of your pocket!  For our entire visit, we only had one neighbour. Otherwise, we had this mesmerising gorge and waterway all to ourselves, with no time limit or check out time!

The walk to the end of the gorge is beautiful with loads of kangaroos, birdlife and freshwater crocs to be spotted!

We gave fishing ago, but found out later this is a large haven to catch your self some decent sized Cherabin (Fresh Water Prawns).


Our followers have told us that when the water is flowing, a swim under the falls is beautiful – mind the freshwater crocs though!

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FREE CAMP at Leichhardt River Falls, Savannah Way near Normanton, Queensland.


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