Why Lone Scouts are Great for Your Homeschooling Kids

Travelling around Australia? Want to homeschool your children but still want to have your kids socialise with their peers?

Our two home-schooled kids arrived in a small town in Central Queensland. You’d expect them to barely know anyone, yet they already have a community welcoming them in!  We’re talking about Lone Scouting.

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Why We Joined the Lone Scouts

Almost half a year ago, we kissed our goodbyes to all our families and friends.  Our goal is to see the country on our four-wheel drive and camper. We also backpack around the world with our kids!  Exciting stuff, believe me.

Like any traveller, we are concerned about caravanning with kids. As a couple doing our best to raise our children right, we had all sorts of questions running in our head.  What about friends?  Will our children become hermits instead of their bright and outgoing personalities?

The truth of the matter is living on the road offers young people a once in a lifetime opportunities.   The travelling lifestyle offers many opportunities to socialise and learn while you travel Oz.

We didn’t want to leave our children’s social development to chance.  We want to give our kids the best chances at a great, social life.  That’s when we decided to have our son join the Scoutreach Lones Program.

What’s Lone Scouting?

children doing scouting activities in Australia with their peers

You’ve most likely heard about Scouts Australia.  Scouts Australia is one of the largest youth movements in our country.  It boasts 70,000 members in multiple states. Lone Scouts or Scoutreach Lones, depending on the state, is a branch of scouting in Australia.

Lone Scouts is perfect for Youths who travel in Australia, those who receive homeschooling in QLD or even those who live in remote areas far away from the nearest Scouts are still encouraged to join.

The Lone Scouts community gives you all the perks of being a Scout without the need for a fixed address.  A registered Lone Scout can attend any Scout Den all around Australia which gives them more time and flexibility.

Wherever we are and whenever we go, a Scouts Den is there to take our kids in. They’re never disconnected from anyone. They even get to make friends in far and wide distances!

We have been with the Scouts since Day 1. You don’t have to. You can have your kids join Lone Scouts at any period. Depending on your preferences, you can do it before or between travelling around Australia. You can even transfer your membership if there’s a sudden change of plans.

Who is Eligible to Join the Scouts Program?

The Scouting Adventure can begin for anyone over the age of 6! We are currently looking forward to having our 5-year-old daughter join over the year. Once she’s ready, she can become an official Joey Lone Scout. She even joins around as an unofficial ‘Bilby’ when she’s not watching over her brother!

There are five sections of Scouts, depending on the age bracket they are in. Each group also has their own title, which includes:

  • Joey Scout – 6 to 8 years old
  • Cub Scouts – 8 to 11 years old
  • Scouts – 11 to 15 years old
  • Venturer Scouts – 15 to 18 years old
  • Rover Scouts – 18 to 25 years old

Every age bracket offers a different adventure and activity level. You can be sure your kids get a great experience in regardless of their age.

What Scouts and Lone Scouts Do?

scout course with kids and facilitator

If there’s something we love about Scouts and Lone Scouts, it’s with how they work with children. The primary concern with distance education in QLD or any state is the possibility of social isolation. What they teach in Scouts eases that.

Confidence, respect, mateship, encouragement, environmental awareness and the love of learning. Scouting grows a crop of future leaders ready for the future.

Each visit with a Scouts community prepares your child. Even just spending time with a fellow Lone Scout helps your child achieve skills that they can use for encouragement badges. This gives unique opportunities if you are homeschooling in Australia.

No child fails. No child gets left behind. Each child, no matter their ability or situation, has a chance to succeed.

The Scouts motto is “Be Prepared… for new adventures.” There’s a lot of adventures in store for them.

How To Help Your Lone Scout Child?

families traveling with their lone scout kids in the wilderness

As parents, we want to help our kids succeed. This is true even if we are travelling around Australia or even just homeschooling in QLD. If a child becomes a Lone Scout, one parent needs to be their Lone Scout Adult Friend. Experience not needed, so no need to worry.

Every Lone Scout receives a set of activities from their Scout Section Leader. These activities are specifically designed to help kids thrive. The Lone Scout Adult Friend helps smooth the challenges.

How to Join Scouts Australia

scout child in yellow uniform taking oath with two scout master adults and female child on the left

If you want to join, you can get in touch with the Scouts with a free call at 1-800 SCOUTS (1-800-726-887). You can also find the Scouts locations, together with State and Territory specific contact numbers at http://www.scouts.com.au/scout-branches

A lot of the costs vary state to state, territory to territory. For us, we pay an annual membership fee together with an extra purchase of a Cub Scout shirt. We recommend getting your kids the shirt if you want to go the extra mile. It lets them feel that they’re part of the community even if you travel Oz.

There’s even a few States that offer government assistance vouchers! You can use these vouchers to contribute to your Scouting fees.

Why We Encourage You to Join

Why do we recommend Scouts? The thing is, we’ve seen how incredible the opportunities and experiences a Lone Scout gets. We hope that your kids get the same inspiration from them as well!

Being connected with the largest youth movement in Australia, it can help your own children feel a sense of belongingness. That’s amazing if they are travelling this amazing country with you. Caravanning with kids should not rob them of the important aspects of life.

Lone Scouts is there to help parents like you and me. As good parents, we want to give the best of both worlds whilst travelling Oz. Stability, education, leadership, friendship, socialisation, kindness, respect – we want to step the right foot forward and create awesome opportunities.

Need more advice? We’d love to hear from you. We love travelling as a family, sharing our handy advice and saying YES to every adventure! Send us a message and connect with us on social media – Facebook, on Instagram, Pinterest, and our YouTube.   

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