Outback Show Longreach, Queensland


Hysterical and infectious laughter from the kids, killer outback sunsets along the Thomson River, poly pipe Didgeridoo, real working Stations, glorious camp oven food and the absolute friendliest of locals.

THIS is what Longreach, Qld is all about!  Incredible outback hospitality and so much fun for the entire family. 

We will long remember this visit to Longreach as the time Rob (Mr 8) sang along to nearly every Country song (who knew he was a fan!) and laughed so heartily at the entertainers in Smithy’s Outback Dinner and Show, that he had everyone else in stitches with his infectious laugh.

Right now we’re feeling so appreciative and honoured of the adventures and experiences that Outback Aussie Tours have given us here in Longreach.  We have made memories of a lifetime.  Contact Outback Aussie Tours to book your next Outback Queensland experience.



*This post contains a link to business that provided us discounted entry for our family. 


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