Random Acts of Kindness – while travelling Australia



Keeping other travellers on the road…

My husband is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet!  He’s also a qualified Mechanic!


Kindness should always trump profits.  That’s what we want to teach our kids.


We were headed further north yesterday when we heard that fellow travelling friends were in need of help.  Too many things were breaking down and making their trip completely unenjoyable.  So much so, they heavily consider packing everything in.

BUT… Joes an incredibly talented mechanic, solar guru and 12v extraordinaire.  But he’s also such a kind and gentle man.  Nobody wants to see people struggle; and if we can help, we will.

There will come a time when we will need to advertise and earn from Joes skills, but right now we want to do these random acts of kindness.

In return, kindness was offered to us. We were offered a free place to camp the van overnight from a stranger and the kids got to have a wonderful experience playing and learning with other kids.

Send out good vibes, and if your fortunate enough, some good vibes might return!  Enter – another Random Act of Kindness by Joe!!!

We really appreciate YOU all following us and truly love sharing our tips and attitude from our 20 years of touring together. (26 countries, 2 half laps of Australia, 1 full lap, many, many other tracks and adventures in between AND still no where near done!)


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