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Treat others how you wish your children to be treated


Raising our kids to be kind, honest and compassionate is a life lesson that we think is extremely important and will take them far in their lives.  However these skills especially for kids of such a young age can be difficult for them to master, but ironically extremely easy for us to teach.

At any opportunity, Joe will perform Random Acts of Kindness to help out fellow travellers and model self-less acts to our kids.  The kids have witnessed the amazing gratitude from the four wheel drivers that broke down on a 4×4 track and had no way of fixing their car alone.  Or the travelling family who he spent 2 days helping, who were about to pack in their travels and head back home after the mountain of 12v and electrical car issues they had been experience (who are still now travelling full-time!)  Or the man whose mother just passed away and was stranded with a dead car battery after he forgot to turn off his lights.  Or the nomads who were about to take on the Worlds Longest Shortcut – but couldn’t until there Alternator was repaired! 

We believe that any of these scenarios could be one of our loved ones or children stranded at some point of their lives.   Kindness does help the world go round and we MODEL that behaviour to our kids so they may grow up to learn to treat others, how they wish to be treated.  

Do you believe in good karma?  Do you participate in random acts of kindness?


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