Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail: Why haven’t you visited Aramac yet?

Out of nowhere, life-sized artistic sculptures started appearing on the outskirts of Aramac in the Australian outback.  Handcrafted from rusty discarded metals and placed prominently on the road to Lake Dunn, a freshwater lake of Queensland.  These towering iconic Australian sculptures had both locals and tourist bewildered.

At first, the origins and secret installation of the sculptures were unknown.  After more than 25 sculptures continued to appear, we had to find out about the Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail in Aramac.   

Who says art is expensive?  In the Queensland Outback, its free!

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The Largest Outdoor Sculpture Museum In The World

Australia is the home of the Big Pineapple, the Big Prawn and the Big Sheep.  With the Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail, it is now home of one of the biggest sculpture trails in the world.  The Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail has put Aramac in Outback Queensland on the map.   

The Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail is situated 68 kilometres north of Barcaldine, Queensland.   What makes it the grandest and largest, is the sheer size of land it resides on.  The now 34 life-sized scrap metal sculptures are located over a vast distance of 200 kilometres.  How is that for the sheer size of a museum?

To explore the Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail for yourself, leave in any direction from the town of Aramac.  Be sure to collect a Lake Dunn Sculpture Map (featured below).  Also, ensure a refreshing stop for a picnic or even a coffee from the shop at Lake Dunn, one of Queensland freshwater inland lakes. 

Lake Dunn and the Sculpture Trail is home to over 80 species of birds that fly daily across the setting sun over the freshwater lake.  You can complete the Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail over a one-day road trip along the outback gravel roads.  But with bungalows and caravan spots camped on the foot of the lake, you really should complete it over at least two days.  

Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail Map
Courtesy of Barcaldine Council.
Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail Map
Courtesy of Barcaldine Council.

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Australian Art At Its Rustic Finest

Surprisingly the Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail is a great outing for your kids or grandkids aswell.  By following the Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail Map you can turn art appreciation in a life-size road trip game of hiding and seek.  There is also now a recent edition of the Jonathan Thurston statue.

The collection of over 34 life-sized scrap metal sculptures, somehow blends in the ruggedness and unpredictability of the Queensland outback.  You will find the sculptures alongside the road surrounded by dry grasslands, wandering cattle and gigantic termite mounds. 

The rusty odds and ends of metals used for the sculptures have been sourced from the local area.  The use of local farmers equipment, olden day relics and random car parts really has you guessing and entertained what parts of the sculpture used to be. 


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The Scrap Metal Sheila

With the welder in one hand and an angle grinder in the other, local Barcaldine legend Milynda Rogers is responsible for this new tourism trail in Outback Queensland.  Known locally as the Scrap Metal Sheila.  She has been crafting this 200-kilometre length sculpture trail from just farmyard scrap.  Milynda is very talented and has a very keen eye for detail. 

Her collection is modelled on all things Australiana.  Featuring native flora and fauna, and now branching out to sculptures of our Australian legends.  Milynda even knows how to keep you entertained with a game of Where’s Wally hidden on the trail.

Milynda’s works feature in Magazines, Television and local media.  This entire 200 kilometre sculpture trail is made only possible due the hard-work, dedication and artistic eye of Milynda.

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Plan your Australian roadtrip to include a one or two day visit to the World's Largest Outdoor Sculpture Trail near Barcaldine, Outback Queensland.
Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail. The amazing talents of one lady in Outback Queensland. Pin this NOW, for later.

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