Should I take a boat around Australia? Plus, our decision!

The dream of boating, fishing and camping your way around Australia sounds amazing right?  But the decision to take a boat or not, is a hard packing question.  We explore what’s involved in making the right decision for you, and tell you what we did?


Our good friends at On the Roam Again – Trip Straya, are the mad keen fisher type. Check out their set up!

If you are a mad keen fisher person, than this question would have already been answered for you!  But for those who just enjoy boating and fishing as a hobby, you really need a lot of forethought and planning.  Space in your camping set up is already prime real estate, so you really can’t afford to take something that just isn’t going to be used sufficiently.

Here are your points to consider when making your decision to take a boat or not?


1.  How often are you getting out now in a boat?

2.  Where do you plan to fish? Be sure to consider the time you will be in the Top End with crocs!

3.  Where will a boat be stored in your camp set up?

4.  Do you have room for all the boating peripherals? For example – Life Jackets, Fuel, Motor and EPIRB etc

5.  How much extra fuel will it cost to take your boat with you?

6.  How much enjoyment does it bring to you?

7.  What type, size and capacity does the boat need to be?

8.  Do you already have a boat, or is this an additional purchase?

9.  Motor or oars?

10.  Will hiring boats or charters in amazing locations work out cheaper, easier and be sufficient?

11.  What will you sacrifice to fit the boat?


We considered all these questions and decided …. to compromise! 


We decided that a marine quality 5 person INFLATABLE tender boat, with capacities to take a boat motor down the track if needed, suited our family’s needs the best while travelling Australia.

Being inflatable and already having a pump on board for other uses, has meant the boat doesn’t take up too much of our incredibly valuable space in our Goldstream pop top camper set up.


The main purpose of a boat for us was to have fun with our two young kids in the shallow water and for being able to explore more of the fresh water rivers and gorges we visit.  For the times we wanted to go deep sea fishing, we decided hiring a charter with the knowledge and equipment, would be our better and ultimately cheaper option for us.


Almost 8 months on the road and we are still happy with our decision to take a boat, but choose a compact inflatable instead.  To be honest we have only used our boat averaging once a month, but each one of those times has been incredibly worth it and we wouldn’t consider getting rid of it!

To take a boat or not is such a personal choice. What is suitable for one, won’t be suitable for all.


VIDEO - Exploring Bariŋura (Little Bondi Beach), East Arnhem Land, one of the best secluded beaches in Australia.

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