Be Lost and Loving It

Inspiration is a funny thing.  It’s not something you can just read once, it must come from within and it needs to be something you truly want, no matter the obstacles!  For us, we realised early on that we didn’t want to continue losing the best years we could have, with our kids on jobs, debts, chores and the mundane.  We were after life changing adventures, experiences that shape our kid’s incredible personalities and to simplify our lives.   Was it scary?  Yes.  Was it slightly crazy?  Yes!  But do we have regrets?  Absolutely not!  We had found our passion and inspiration, and even fear was not going to get in our way.

Use the inspiration below to get yourself started on your own travelling or holidaying path.

INSPIRATION – 3 words to change YOUR worldNoela Dowling
  OUR STORY – OUR MOTTO New Years last year, the reality of settling for another year of the same old routine was starting to hit us like a ton Read more.
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Random Acts of KindnessNoela Dowling
                        Treat others how you wish your children to be treated   Raising our kids to be kind, honest Read more.
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The day I quit work to travel indefinetly & an update on what has happened one year on…Noela Dowling
      What does this face say to you?   Hopefully it should say, I’m slightly loopy to have left my safe house in the burbs and secure 9-5 Read more.
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Random Acts of Kindness – while travelling AustraliaNoela Dowling
    Keeping other travellers on the road… My husband is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet!  He’s also a qualified Mechanic!   Kindness should always trump profits.  Read more.
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About Us – Listen to the PODCASTNoela Dowling
    Who wants to get out more and TRAVEL?   Want to know more about the real US?  Want to know the reasons behind our change to pack up Read more.
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