Striking it RICH – The Gemfields, Central Queensland

Striking it rich for $15 in the The Gemfields of Central Queensland

There is no denying we are on a budget while we travel this amazing country.  We were a one income family before we left ‘home’, and now while we travel indefinitely, we are on a sporadic income at best!  But seriously what’s the point of travelling, if you’re just going to miss out on the fun ??

Before visiting The Gemfields, we did plenty of research.  Lucky for you, we’ve now done all the ground work, and found what we think is the best value for money in town…

For $15 for a bucket of ‘fossicking wash’ at the Miners Cottage in Rubyvale, we struck it rich!  Clearly not as successfully as Abby’s “surrogate grandparents for the day” who took home $2,000–$3,000 worth of gems!  But we did uncover a small collection of ‘cut-able gems’ to treasure ourselves and took home loads of memories from the half day experience.  The added bonus is they also serve complimentary smoko (home-made scones, tea and milos for us!)  How incredible value is that for $15??

While in this unique area, we also decided on the guided underground tour at the Miners Heritage, Rubyvale to give us the best ‘all round’ experience of the area. F or $50, our family was guided through the underground tunnels, learnt everything ‘Sapphire’ and how to find the elusive gem.  Hint – it’s mostly just pure luck!

So just get out here!  The experience of a lifetime doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.  Be selective.  Be wise.  Be well researched.

Attitude is everything and just say ‘yes’.  WHO’S WITH US?

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