Home School: Explore all the benefits of homeschooling in Australia so your ready for 2019
23 Benefits of Home Schooling Your Kids

Thinking of homeschooling your child?  Taking control of your children’s education is possible and extremely beneficial. Home schooling in Australia is on the rise for a few years now. Parents like you and me may be unhappy with how standard education works these days. It’s also possible you want more… Read more

Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail: Why haven’t you visited Aramac yet?

Out of nowhere, life-sized artistic sculptures started appearing on the outskirts of Aramac in the Australian outback.  Handcrafted from rusty discarded metals and placed prominently on the road to Lake Dunn, a freshwater lake of Queensland.  These towering iconic Australian sculptures had both locals and tourist bewildered. At first, the… Read more

Why Lone Scouts are Great for Your Homeschooling Kids

Travelling around Australia? Want to homeschool your children but still want to have your kids socialise with their peers? Our two home-schooled kids arrived in a small town in Central Queensland. You’d expect them to barely know anyone, yet they already have a community welcoming them in!  We’re talking about… Read more

CHILLAGOE-MUNGANA CAVES: A perfect two day Outback experience from Cairns

Not far from Cairns, in Queensland’s Tropical North lies an intricate and mystifying underground network of caves. It has tunnels, caverns and nocturnal wildlife to explore.  Be in awe of the underground beauty and geological history that Queensland has to offer in this excellent two-day adventure.  Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National Park… Read more

Alternative Education: Unschooling

Looking into homeschooling in Australia, but unsure where to start?  You can easily be confused with the terminology, because of so many choices of alternative education methods.  Make your decision of unschooling, homeschooling and following a curriculum, nature-based, or child-led for your home education pathway.  The options are truly endless.  … Read more

Homeschooling Kids- What about Socialization?

Since 2012, homeschooling has been a significant topic in Australia.  The rise in the number of parents considering homeschooling their children has also increased the most famous homeschooling question, “What about socialisation when you homeschool your children?”  Looking for Homeschool Resources?  We prefer Pascal Press for our book needs.  Use… Read more

Homeschool Report Writing & Planning Tips – Updated for 2019

  A recent homeschooling study has shown that Home Schooling children perform “significantly better” in NAPLAN tests.   With a personalised education suitable for any year or level, and results like this filtering through; homeschooling Australia has become very appealing to families.  This is backed by the growth in home education rising… Read more

The How To Of Homeschooling

Looking to find the balance in your Homeschooling learning style?  Don’t worry you are not alone.  We will discuss one of the most straightforward concepts to making your home education path with your children as streamlined and efficient as possible. After three years of homeschooling my two children, finally, for now,… Read more

Hilarious MUST DO on the Australian Dinosaur Trail, Winton

Ben’s Chicken Stampede and Aquaponics Farm runs nightly for FREE in Winton, Queensland.  Half the profits goes to local charities!  Rainbow racing chickens – NOW we’ve seen it ALL! This video is made by Rob (Mr 8).  He had so much fun organising the filming and creating this video project… Read more

Kuranda Scenic Railway Queensland

    Our AMAZING, AWESOME and HUGE day to Kuranda What better way to return from our amazing but HUGE (aka tiring, massive, brilliant, fantastic!) journey in Kuranda, but by relaxing on the 120 year old Kuranda Scenic Railway line back to Cairns! Who else has experienced this amazing feat of engineering?… Read more