7 FREE Things to do in Rockhampton, Queensland!

  What would you do if money was unlimited?  Well, most likely not be reading this list!  But here we both are, looking and reporting on free things to do in the Beef Capital city of Australia – and boy, do we have the goods for you.  If you’re looking… Read more

10 FREE Whats on in Cairns Activities

Looking for great list of things to do in Cairns this week, but are also on a budget!  No worries, check out these family friendly favourites for the perfect holiday or weekend.     1.  Swim in the beautiful clear waters of Crystal Cascades.  Along the 1.6km walking track there are many… Read more

VIDEO: Free Camping on the Leichhardt River Falls, Queensland

This week we wanted to show you a fantastic FREE CAMP at Leichhardt River Falls. We discovered this while travelling along the Savannah Way near Normanton, Queensland. Here you will find the Leichhardt River Falls peaceful and quiet for not a single dollar spent out of your pocket!  For our entire… Read more

Australian Dinosaur Trail: FREE & CHEAP things to do

  Imagine learning about Australian Dinosaur Trail’s history in the Australian outback and all for NEXT TO NO COST! How perfect is this for families! Absolutely excellent is this as a free school holiday activity? Welcome to one of the best places to visit in Australia with kids. Honestly, this… Read more

Hilarious MUST DO on the Australian Dinosaur Trail, Winton

Ben’s Chicken Stampede and Aquaponics Farm runs nightly for FREE in Winton, Queensland.  Half the profits goes to local charities!  Rainbow racing chickens – NOW we’ve seen it ALL! This video is made by Rob (Mr 8).  He had so much fun organising the filming and creating this video project… Read more

Our 44 days without power CAMPING SOLAR SET UP

    SOLAR – Running a coffee and washing machine off our free camping set up!  We have two kids so both those appliances are essential in our eyes.  A washing machine, as our kids play outside a lot and get very dirty.. often!  And coffee for sanity!!  But regular… Read more

10 of the BEST things to do in LONGREACH – according to the kids!

BEST THINGS TO DO in Longreach, Outback Queensland (according to kids!)     10 of the BEST things to do in LONGREACH 1.  Visiting the farm and animals at Strathmore Station.  We saw Cows, Emus, Kangaroos and Windmills.  We also got to pat their cute dog called Poppy (which is… Read more

FREE CAMPING Kinbombi Falls Queensland

  226 steep white knuckled steps down the cliff and a strenuous calf burning 226 steps back up!  But Miss 4 is a head strong and positive little chick and in her words, “I got this Mum”.  And she sure did.  Welcome to the Kinbombi Falls in Queensland! Situated 11… Read more