Why Lone Scouts are Great for Your Homeschooling Kids

Travelling around Australia? Want to homeschool your children but still want to have your kids socialise with their peers? Our two home-schooled kids arrived in a small town in Central Queensland. You’d expect them to barely know anyone, yet they already have a community welcoming them in!  We’re talking about… Read more

Homeschooling Kids- What about Socialization?

Since 2012, homeschooling has been a significant topic in Australia.  The rise in the number of parents considering homeschooling their children has also increased the most famous homeschooling question, “What about socialisation when you homeschool your children?”  Looking for Homeschool Resources?  We prefer Pascal Press for our book needs.  Use… Read more

The How To Of Homeschooling

Looking to find the balance in your Homeschooling learning style?  Don’t worry you are not alone.  We will discuss one of the most straightforward concepts to making your home education path with your children as streamlined and efficient as possible. After three years of homeschooling my two children, finally, for now,… Read more

About Us – Listen to the PODCAST

    Who wants to get out more and TRAVEL?   Want to know more about the real US?  Want to know the reasons behind our change to pack up our lives and throw in the white picket fence life?  Want to know HOW we did it and our thoughts… Read more