INSPIRATION – 3 words to change YOUR world

  OUR STORY – OUR MOTTO New Years last year, the reality of settling for another year of the same old routine was starting to hit us like a ton of bricks! But, HOW could this be possible!?  We’d already taken a trip around Australia, and we were supposedly settling… Read more

Random Acts of Kindness

                        Treat others how you wish your children to be treated   Raising our kids to be kind, honest and compassionate is a life lesson that we think is extremely important and will take them far in their lives. … Read more

The day I quit work to travel indefinetly & an update on what has happened one year on…

Hi, I’m Joe!  I very often get asked how we travel so much and how we afford it.  Here is my story:   March 2017 – What does this face say to you? My thoughts were – I’m slightly loopy to have left my safe house in the burbs AND my secure… Read more

About Us – Listen to the PODCAST

    Who wants to get out more and TRAVEL?   Want to know more about the real US?  Want to know the reasons behind our change to pack up our lives and throw in the white picket fence life?  Want to know HOW we did it and our thoughts… Read more

Homeschooling How To: Strategy for the reluctant learner

The key to homeschooling your child is empowerment and inspiration.  We discuss our long-term strategy that transformed our reluctant learner to home education master. Educate and inspire your kids on their choices, and majority of the time they’ll choose the best path you would have chosen for them anyway!   … Read more