Should I take a boat around Australia? Plus, our decision!

The dream of boating, fishing and camping your way around Australia sounds amazing right?  But the decision to take a boat or not, is a hard packing question.  We explore what’s involved in making the right decision for you, and tell you what we did?   If you are a… Read more

Camping Tips: Water Storage

Camping connects you with the quiet majesty of nature, allowing you to recharge your batteries and relax with family and friends. For some, “roughing it” is all part of the fun — but camping tips priority number 1 in any of your caravan and camping checklists is to ensure you… Read more

6 ways we find work while Travelling Australia – Tip #1

This is a six part series, where we will show you the 6 different methods we use to find work while Travelling Australia. To kick it off, the first tip is not like your usual job searching method, so it may surprise you but we think its extremely effective considering… Read more

Kuranda Scenic Railway Queensland

    Our AMAZING, AWESOME and HUGE day to Kuranda What better way to return from our amazing but HUGE (aka tiring, massive, brilliant, fantastic!) journey in Kuranda, but by relaxing on the 120 year old Kuranda Scenic Railway line back to Cairns! Who else has experienced this amazing feat of engineering?… Read more

The day I quit work to travel indefinetly & an update on what has happened one year on…

Hi, I’m Joe!  I very often get asked how we travel so much and how we afford it.  Here is my story:   March 2017 – What does this face say to you? My thoughts were – I’m slightly loopy to have left my safe house in the burbs AND my secure… Read more

Stradbroke Island’s best walk

North Gorge Walk, Stradbroke Island, QLD  💜 Who has been to Stradbroke Island? 💜 What is YOUR best memories of visiting? 💜 Who wants to visit? Did you know Joe and I used to work on North Stradbroke Island?  Little Rob even went to Kindy on the Island! You see… Read more

Free Camping: Cumberland Chimney Historical Site, Savannah Way, Queensland

    A Fantastic FREE / Donation camp  that is beside a beautiful lake with a viewing platform, binoculars and plenty of birdlife to enjoy! This is called the Cumberland Chimney Historical Site along the Savannah Way, near Georgetown Qld.   If you don’t stop for the night, we highly… Read more

SAVE on FUEL and INCREASE PERFORMANCE on our tow vehicle

How we SAVE 1.2L/100km on FUEL ($11 per tank) and INCREASE performance on our tow vehicle WATCH the VIDEO below to find out what 3 modifications Joe as a qualified mechanic choose in preparation for our amazing trip (18,000kms so far!!)   Vehicle Details: Toyota Landcruiser 2008 V8 Diesel VDJ200R… Read more

The ONLY known DINOSAUR STAMPEDE on the planet! Lark Quarry, Queensland

WHO has been to the ONLY known DINOSAUR STAMPEDE on the planet?  And if you haven’t been, WHO wants to GO?   Here’s the story…   95 million years ago, the dry and harsh lands of Outback Queensland, was once a LUSH freshwater river plain. One day, at least 150… Read more

Our pick of the Aboriginal Art Centres in Arnhem Land

Gapuwiyak Art Centre, Central Arnhem Land (Arnhemland) When visiting Arnhem Land, if you are after the most real and unrehearsed interaction with the local and traditional artists of the land, a stop to the Gapiwiyak Arts Centre is an ABSOLUTE must! Although it is a smaller artist community, what it… Read more