VIDEO: Free Camping on the Leichhardt River Falls, Queensland

This week we wanted to show you a fantastic FREE CAMP at Leichhardt River Falls. We discovered this while travelling along the Savannah Way near Normanton, Queensland. Here you will find the Leichhardt River Falls peaceful and quiet for not a single dollar spent out of your pocket!  For our entire… Read more

Australian Dinosaur Trail: FREE & CHEAP things to do

  Imagine learning about Australian Dinosaur Trail’s history in the Australian outback and all for NEXT TO NO COST! How perfect is this for families! Absolutely excellent is this as a free school holiday activity? Welcome to one of the best places to visit in Australia with kids. Honestly, this… Read more

5 reasons Ingenia Holidays Cairns Coconut makes the best caravan parks list

IMAGINE THIS. You have just taken your kids half way around the world; and have been on the road for almost two years of full-time travel.  Your delightful little beings have watched the sunrise over the mystical Machu Picchu mountains, and we’ve just arrived into the lush and dense, Amazon Rainforest. … Read more

Hilarious MUST DO on the Australian Dinosaur Trail, Winton

Ben’s Chicken Stampede and Aquaponics Farm runs nightly for FREE in Winton, Queensland.  Half the profits goes to local charities!  Rainbow racing chickens – NOW we’ve seen it ALL! This video is made by Rob (Mr 8).  He had so much fun organising the filming and creating this video project… Read more

Visit a gorge, stay for free and enjoy cheap beers – Copperfield Gorge, Einasleigh Qld

    Copperfield Gorge and Einasleigh, located south of Mt Surprise and on the way north from Porcupine Gorge in the Queensland Outback offers an off the beaten path gem of a place to visit with the whole family. The gorge is Free to enter and can choose to take… Read more

Kuranda Scenic Railway Queensland

    Our AMAZING, AWESOME and HUGE day to Kuranda What better way to return from our amazing but HUGE (aka tiring, massive, brilliant, fantastic!) journey in Kuranda, but by relaxing on the 120 year old Kuranda Scenic Railway line back to Cairns! Who else has experienced this amazing feat of engineering?… Read more

Stradbroke Island’s best walk

North Gorge Walk, Stradbroke Island, QLD  💜 Who has been to Stradbroke Island? 💜 What is YOUR best memories of visiting? 💜 Who wants to visit? Did you know Joe and I used to work on North Stradbroke Island?  Little Rob even went to Kindy on the Island! You see… Read more

Free Camping: Cumberland Chimney Historical Site, Savannah Way, Queensland

    A Fantastic FREE / Donation camp  that is beside a beautiful lake with a viewing platform, binoculars and plenty of birdlife to enjoy! This is called the Cumberland Chimney Historical Site along the Savannah Way, near Georgetown Qld.   If you don’t stop for the night, we highly… Read more

Outback Show Longreach, Queensland

  Hysterical and infectious laughter from the kids, killer outback sunsets along the Thomson River, poly pipe Didgeridoo, real working Stations, glorious camp oven food and the absolute friendliest of locals. THIS is what Longreach, Qld is all about!  Incredible outback hospitality and so much fun for the entire family. … Read more

TIPS for visiting the Australian Age of Dinosaurs

We made it to the Dinosaur Capital of Australia – Winton!   We are all so excited to be here, that we thought we would share our tips for making the most out of visiting the Australian Age of Dinosaurs. What a fabulous learning experience for all of us!  The… Read more