Take the detour! Porcupine Gorge, Queensland

  Along the Australian Dinosaur Trail, just 60km’s north of Hughenden, Queensland is this stunning ‘350 million years in the making’ gorge, secluded swimming hole and our very own Ancient sandstone Pyramid!!  The 2.4km return walk in to the gorge is strenuous; but with a bag of jelly beans we… Read more

The ONLY known DINOSAUR STAMPEDE on the planet! Lark Quarry, Queensland

WHO has been to the ONLY known DINOSAUR STAMPEDE on the planet?  And if you haven’t been, WHO wants to GO?   Here’s the story…   95 million years ago, the dry and harsh lands of Outback Queensland, was once a LUSH freshwater river plain. One day, at least 150… Read more

Striking it RICH – The Gemfields, Central Queensland

Striking it rich for $15 in the The Gemfields of Central Queensland There is no denying we are on a budget while we travel this amazing country.  We were a one income family before we left ‘home’, and now while we travel indefinitely, we are on a sporadic income at… Read more

Watch the sun set over the Australian Outback Captain Starlights Lookout, Longreach

I thought we were suppose to teach our kids that crime doesn’t pay! Captain Starlight, or Harry Redford the notorious Bushranger sent a man to the top of this lookout to keep a watch while he and his men stole 1,000 head of cattle!  Not a big enough feat already… Read more

Is the Cairns Aquarium, Queensland worth a visit?

In the short answer, YES!  But here is why… From the outset the entry price of $126 for a family is quite steep so before a visit. I put in a fair bit of research to make sure it was worth the cost. I would recommend you do the same… Read more

The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum in Cairns, Queensland is on the must visit list
The BEST place for BOYS (and Girls!) to visit in Cairns, Queensland

  If you are after an attraction that is completely out of the normal, a visit to The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum in Cairns, Queensland is on the must visit list – especially if you have boys (big or small!)   The museum is privately owned and the largest… Read more

10 of the BEST things to do in LONGREACH – according to the kids!

BEST THINGS TO DO in Longreach, Outback Queensland (according to kids!)     10 of the BEST things to do in LONGREACH 1.  Visiting the farm and animals at Strathmore Station.  We saw Cows, Emus, Kangaroos and Windmills.  We also got to pat their cute dog called Poppy (which is… Read more

KIDS BLOG: Why Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National Park is a MUST GO place

Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National Park – the MUST GO place   Rob is an 8 year old boy and is home schooled.  Through these blogs, he can continue to progress his writing skills and towards his goal of wanting to be a published Author.     There are over 500 Limestone… Read more

WEEK 27 – CAIRNS, QUEENSLAND /// Swimming in the waterfalls, learning on the road and travelling with kids

A week in our shoes – WEEK 27 !  (A video made and edited by the whole family, including the kids Lol) Hold on tight and buckle up as we are a family that rarely sits still! We are the glass is half full, live life to the fullest, don’t… Read more

VIDEO – Croydon to Karumba: Savannah Way, Queensland Part 2

The Savannah Way is the track that leads you from Cairns in the East, through Katherine in the Northern Territory, all the way to Broome in the West.  Along the way you will pass through some incredible outback towns, fishing hot spots, unique landscapes and many hidden gems to explore.… Read more