6 ways we find work while Travelling Australia – Tip #1

This is a six part series, where we will show you the 6 different methods we use to find work while Travelling Australia. To kick it off, the first tip is not like your usual job searching method, so it may surprise you but we think its extremely effective considering… Read more

The day I quit work to travel indefinetly & an update on what has happened one year on…

Hi, I’m Joe!  I very often get asked how we travel so much and how we afford it.  Here is my story:   March 2017 – What does this face say to you? My thoughts were – I’m slightly loopy to have left my safe house in the burbs AND my secure… Read more

$513 per week budget for Travelling Australia with Kids (7 months in)

  7 Month Stats, 2nd Lap of Australia – $513 per week, Family of 4 Free Camps – 33!! Low Cost or National Park – 14 Caravan Parks – 6 Home/Yard stays – 4 Most days without plugging into Power: – 44 COST OF ACCOMMODATION ………. $35 per week Weight… Read more

6 ways we find work while Travelling Australia – Tip #2: Facebook Pages and Groups

In our second tip, in our 6-part series of HOW to find work around Australia, we share with you the 15 PAGES & GROUPS that KEEP YOU in the LOOP OF JOBS during a lap!  Awesome, this saves you a lot of effort and hours of searching the net!  … Read more